Bop's 3rd Birthday Haul!

I'm dying right now. I still can't believe this little baby that used to fit in one arm is now turning 3! I've been reminiscing by looking at pictures and crying over how big she has gotten.

I may have gone a little carried away with presents but I can't help myself! I seriously did ration myself I could have bought a lot more!

This is literally the cutest little outfit ever! It's an oversized jumper with these fun print leggings! I want this outfit!
Of course, how could I not get my Number One Cutie, this Number One Cutie dress!
I think every child has one of these at some point, I for one have had many. I thought it would just be nice to add to her presents as I already had it in. Everything you need in just one little pack.

Vicky is currently redoing her garden and Bop is always trying to help but hurts herself because she ends up using big versions. I thought this was a cute little mini set for her to use :)
That's the presents I got for her. Jessica is getting her some colouring books to go with the art set so we'll see what she thinks! :)