Big Blog Rebrand!

It's been a while since I've done a life update and it's been even longer since I've updated the layout of this blog so it's well and truly time this post was being written!

You may have noticed over the past few weeks, this blog has undergone a complete revamp in terms of layout and set up. It's now easier than ever to find a post you want. Using both the search bar to type in key terms and the tabs above, you can easily differentiate each type of post.
Within each tab, there is also a selection of different banners. Each of these has different types of posts inside. For example, the Review tab is split into Films and TV, Shows, Books, Places and Products depending on which category it falls into.

The home page now has picture buttons for the posts instead of writing. I hated that you saw the whole post of writing without clicking on the post because it took ages to scroll through and find a post you wanted, even one just 3 posts back. Now you can see more posts quickly and easily to find the one that you wanted.

I have also updated my social media buttons on the side bar. These are now fully clickable and easy to use. Plus they are much smaller so again, you don't have to scroll for ages.

As always, there is a list of all the blog posts I have ever written arranged by date. This is the easiest way to see a list of all the titles so you can select one you want to read. It's easily collapsable so can be made smaller or bigger depending on how much you want to see, month and year!

I'm now almost at my 400th blog post which is absolutely crazy to me! I absolutely love blogging and never see myself stopping! 

I'm totally in love! Is there anything else you want to see?