Why Midwifery?

It’s so strange writing this post write now because I can still remember writing a similar one for Medicine. I always felt Medicine was the perfect career for me and in a way, of course, I still do but deep down, I would much rather have my mental health in check than anything else. But my heart was no longer in it, it had already moved on…to Midwifery.

If you’re here having never read another post of mine, this may not be the post your looking for but bare with me. From Medicine to Midwifery was not exactly a straight forward decision but I’m pretty adamant it’s the right one for me.

When I thought I’d failed originally, I started looking for possible alternatives. Knowing the UCL policy that allowed Medical students to bypass the first year of most other science courses also offered at UCL and jump in at Year 2, I started there. I looked over all the courses that UCL offered because after 3 years at university already, doing as little as possible sounded great! Despite that thought process, not a single degree stood out to me. I didn’t want to be stuck doing a course for the sake of doing a course, just to do a degree. In that sense, I had to ignore my parents advice and simply follow my heart.

It’s actually kind of funny that Midwifery wasn’t my first thought because so many things make it a very obvious, clear favourite!

I’ve always wanted to be an Obstetrician from a very early age. In fact, Dr Owen from Holby City was the one who originally made me fall in love with Medicine! Yes, not my dad (when I was young, I didn’t actually think a general practitioner was a proper doctor…LOL!), a TV soap, fictional character, who was actually a terrible doctor in reality but nevertheless, he opened my eyes to the career.

I still love science of course but even more so the human body. I could never work in a laboratory full time because I need that human contact and the idea of working in the healthcare is a thought I simply can’t let leave my heart. My brain is set on helping others in times of need in the most basic human right.

I love being in a position that will allow me to develop. I’ve always loved the thought of continually learning and being able to develop skills to improve myself for the best of my patients. Naively, I never considered Midwifery to be a career that allowed that. I’d assumed it was simply a midwife but there are so many options leading to a diverse range of careers; there are further courses to expand and develop specific knowledge in specialities. From working on wards, to community, to neonatal…the options are varied and endless.

Babies. I’m pretty sure everyone who knows me, at least on a personal level, knows that I absolutely adore babies. In fact, I’m kind of obsessed. Of course, I know that being a midwife doesn’t focus on the babies but it’s assisting in one of the most beautiful and natural things a woman can go through: birth.

When I think back to the most influential and moving moments of my life, I am always reminded of my time spent in Tanzania. I went with Gap Medics to gain work experience in Morogoro Hospital. Admittedly, the ward environment is incredibly different over there, likewise the interventional medicine and quite simply the way everything runs but despite all that, not only did I witness multiple births but I also got to assist in one. The moment that baby entered this world, the strength the mother showed and the sheer joy I felt when flipping the baby up and placing her on her mother’s chest…it will never leave me. Awe-inspiring.

That’s why I chose Midwifery. That’s why I’m excited to begin this journey.


  1. I'm so excited for this new journey in my life but here's why I chose Midwifery!


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