Daily Posts or Blogtober?

So as you may have noticed, I have successfully completed Blogtember this month. I have consistently posted a post every single day of September at 5pm BST, despite being crazy busy and going on work trips!

I really have loved the challenge and the only part I have really failed at was sharing the posts to all the normal platforms which I normally do. That was a slight shame but at the same time, not the be all and end all.

I loved it so much I have decided to go ahead and do Blogtober as well! I actually can't quite believe this to be completely honest. I'm not promising anything after October but if I still continue to enjoy it, I will probably increase my normal upload schedule to at least 5 days a week, every week day...

We shall see!

This month is halloween and birthdays and celebrations so there will defintely be a few more hauls thrown in. I also have a few more emotional pieces to write up and I am finally going to share my Year 2 Medicine posts, along with an overview of the course as a whole. As that chapter on my life closes, I will begin sharing my Midwifery choices and experiences and I can't wait to start preparing to move again!

Unlike last month, I don't have ALL my posts written up and scheduled in advance so it may be a little harder for me. Having said that, I did actually end up writing and sharing some newly written ones and saving up the other ones for this month and later. Either way, if you want to see my write about a specific post or topic, let me know! I would love to write about something you want to read.

Until tomorrow, bye!


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