How to: Minimalise and Declutter

I've done a handful of posts on minimalising a couple of rooms in my house (bathroom and bedroom) and I have really enjoyed the feel of my new spaces.

Well, since then, I have had a number of people messaging me on how I did it.  I did film the process but even I can admit that it is a little long so I thought I would share just a few simple steps to help declutter and minimalise your own spaces.
  1. Assess: look at what you have currently and realise how bad it really is. Take some before photos so you can visualise your progress. 
  2. Empty: clear everything out of all your cupboards, drawers, unity...everything! Having it all in a big mess on the floor will only motivate you more.
  3. Clean: when was the last time you emptied the drawer or space with nothing in? Now that it's empty do a deep clean before rehoming everything. 
  4. Keep, donate or bin: divide all your belongings into these three piles to help get rid of things and minimalise. Remember, if you haven't used it in the last year, do not keep it! Bin the rubbish and donate anything in a condition. 
  5. Containers: utilise all your space by buying or even making containers specifically for your areas. Measure the space so you can find the perfect fit and mix and match to fill it all. 
  6. Organise: remove all packaging from your belongings and put them in their new homes! Having everything in a specific place will help you to remember where to put everything and in a way, prevent hoarding because once the space is filled, I don't let myself have anymore of that thing without getting rid of another.
Let me know if these tips help you and I would genuinely love to see some before and after photos! Be sure to tag me in them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Did I mention I have a specific blog Instagram and Facebook Page?!


  1. Yes!!! Decluttering is so satidfying. I don't know about you but it makes my head feel so much clearer after as well :) x

    1. Haha I'm so with you. I actually did a post linking it to healthy mental health. Will definitely be doing it more!

  2. I love this! I definitely have too many things and my boyfriend has WAY too much, haha!

  3. Love this easy step-by-step!

  4. Thanks for all this helpful tips ♥ I'm definitely going to try these.

    1. Aww I'm so glad! Let me know how it goes 💕


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