Mamma Mia the Musical (Review)

Just before I left London, my flatmates and I decided to head out for one last signature ‘flamily’ social. I love West End productions, as you can probably tell, and Mamma Mia is one of my favourite films. With all of us loving our karaoke nights and choosing to sing ABBA regularly, we unanimously decided and quickly chose Mamma Mia to be the one!

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I was planning on watching the film as a recap before I went but I ended up running out of time. Honestly, I am so glad that I did because if I had, I would have probably been a little bored throughout.

It was very much the same story told as that in the film but I actually really loved that! I found myself comparing the scenes and was amazed at how smoothly they had transitioned from the screen to the stage. I absolutely loved it! I think it was a wonderful example of something done right.

One thing worth mentioning is that, as they did have to do the transitions throughout the showtime, not all of the film scenes end up fitting into the timing for the stage show. I was a little worried at one point that my favourite scene wouldn't be, but relieved to find it was. Relieved, I relaxed! Personally, I don't think it detracted from the show. I think they chose the correct scenes to take out without loosing anything major from the plot.
Considering the film has so many different scenes and filming locations, I struggled to imagine how it was going to be portrayed on stage but it was done so in a very simple but clever way. There was only one set with a few additional props. The set was made up of the traditional Greek white housing and completely recognisable. As the scenes played, the cast would quickly and efficiently rotate and move the 3-piece set. It was a very creative way to create the different scenes and I could very easily identify which scenes was going to be next: coastline, bedroom, courtyard. Honestly, I think it was such a cheap solution to the range of settings required.
Knowing the eccentric characters from the film, I was curious to see how the cast would fill the roles but oh my gosh! I was so so SO impressed. The entire cast was absolutely perfect and beyond amazing. Each cast member took on the character and role above and beyond anything I could have imagined. They did such an amazing job really grasping the true nature of their beings, from silly and crazy to the cute and romantic.
Leading on from that, all the songs were amazing too. I was blown away by the woman who played Meryl Streep's character, Donna. I think it's such a big role to fill and she really nailed all the songs with her big voice. Having said that, so did all the other members of the cast. They really did outdo themselves and I was just so impressed.
Leaving the show was just such a bubble of happy energy and I loved it. Of course, it helps that we had a little bit of eye candy to look at, with the topless dancers.
As the curtain closed, I felt a wave of disappointment, wanting the show to go on and continue. As if they heard me, the curtains rose and they started playing another song. The stage crew invited all the audience to stand up, to sing and dance along. I absolutely loved it! Usually, I'm the last person to join in - lazy - but I was just in that mood where I wanted to. Mamma Mia has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but now I think the musical is, more so than the film. Having said that, I can't wait for the second one to be released next year!

I never noticed how symmetrical the story was, but seeing it in person made it beyond obvious. With all the groups in three: Sophie and two friends, Donna and two friends, three 'dads' and Sky and two friends. I was reminded of the dream I have to one day be that close to my friends, bridesmaids and friends forever.
Without a doubt, it’s a West End show I would thoroughly recommend. I would love to see it again but I can't imagine any other cast taking on the roles now. I think it’s definitely worth going to see the show but I would definitely advice seeing it at the afternoon showing. It puts you in such a fun and happy mood, it’s a real shame when you realise it’s bed time! I really struggled to shut down and sleep…I just wanted to sing!


  1. I'm definitely going to have to check this out :)

    1. If you do, definitely let me know what you think!


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