The Script and Becky Hill (Concert Review)

Back in February I headed to the Nottingham Motorpoint Arena to see my all time favourite band, The Script supported by Becky Hill. The concert videos are now on YouTube but mostly they are there for my benefit and not the public's.
The Script was the first ever concert I went to, back when I was 17 year old and went with my older sister, Victoria. We did had 4 tickets and my dad, his girlfriend and my little sister were meant to come but dad stood me up last minute and luckily, I had someone else. Anyway, 6 years later, I saw the band for the fourth time and it was just as amazing. In fact better! Funny story, the first time, I ended up having really tight chest pains and was in agony whilst trying to enjoy and listen.

Becky Hill was the supporting act. Honestly, I didn't really know her but I had heard a number of the songs she covered. She defintely got the floor audience excited which was good. I wasn't a fan of the way she spoke and how she was used a lot of swearing. I also didn't think she had the best vocals and it was very clubby...think strobe lighting and jumping.
The best part of the support act for me was the backup singers. There was a man and a woman and the man ended up covering the vocals for one of the songs and it was amazing. The interaction between the two was the best!
Then it was time for The Script! The way that they came on was very different. Instead of starting music straight away, they came in to silence and then waited for the moon to rise on stage which was something surreal.
As always, Danny flitted through the audience on multiple occasions. At one point he grabbed an umbrella for “Rain” and another, a phone whilst calling a girl’s ex-boyfriend. The whole audience found the latter hilarious.
This was only furthered by two almost separate shows. The trio took themselves and their instruments to the stalls, where they played two songs to crowds literally sitting right next to them. I think the closeness to the audience also made it more emotional, because they continued to share their heart and bare their souls and stories.
Then they moved to the second stage, at the back of the standing audience and luckily, right in front of my stall seats. I loved seeing all the guys up close and even more so, it was amazing to see all the different instruments and all of them do solos. The moon was just a stunning reflection of the entire concert.
Of course, the special effects were not only exciting but unique. With fireworks, streamers, confetti cannons, fire and smoke bombs, it really kept the whole audience engaged and awaiting throughout.
Finally, they closed the show with a jaw dropping encore. We all knew they were coming back out and boy did the no disappoint. They sang three of their biggest hits and continued to wow until the end. Then the stuck around, waved and thanked the audience before taking their bows and applause. It was a really nice finish and not abrupt as normal.
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