City of Caves, Nottingham (Review)

It was a while ago now that I went to the City of Caves in Nottingham, and obviously, no one is going anywhere at the moment. In fact, it was back in September! I went off vlogging and blogging for a little bit, as life got a little too hectic to manage everything at the same time, but you can see the post and vlog here
In all honesty, visiting the caves was never particularly something I wanted to do, but my boyfriend did so of course, I happily obliged. My biggest concern was that I would feel too claustrophobic. I am no where near clinically unwell with it, but I do struggle with enclosed spaces sometimes. It's worse when I can't see an exit or a quick escape but it was defintely a concern. Luckily, the caves aren't small and crowded so it wasn't a problem at all for me. Also, the helmets are optional and so we didn't wear them, which was helpful.
The groups are kept quite small, so there are never too many people in each tour. Ours happened to have 12 people, but the maximum that they have is 16 (I believe) so I think they are defintely manageable and the space allows for it. Plus, you can somewhat make the most of the tour so that if you want to spend a little more time in one area, you can. That means you'll always have the opportunity to see everything you want to.
The tour guide was actually amazing. She was very engaging and entertaining. She kept the stories interesting and intriguing. Despite being repetitive for her, she made it seem exciting and was very knowledgeable on the areas. She was able to answer all the groups questions with ease and even provided extra bits of information to further them.
Some of the areas had additional props and decorations to further explain and fit the themes. It made it a little more realistic and even more eye-opening, especially during the World War raids and bomb shelters.
Overall, while I probably wouldn't say you need to do it over and over again, it was defintely interesting. It was a great opportunity to experience the caves and I liked that it was done in somewhat of a timeline feel so you could travel through to the modern age. For any history lover, I think it would be a great treat or gift for them!