The Prince of Egypt the Musical (Review)

Whenever I go to London, I make every effort to go and see a West End Show. I have been incredibly lucky to see many shows and they never disappoint. The Prince of Egypt was no different. 
The musical is based on the acclaimed Dreamworks animated film and features academy award-winning song "When you Believe", as well as new music from the composer of "Wicked".

The synopsis summarises it by: Journey through the wonders of Ancient Egypt as two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. One must rule as Pharaoh, the other must rise up and free his true people; both face a destiny that will change history forever.
I was beyond tired when I went to see this show and I think I was probably falling asleep in parts, which is a real shame. Having been up since 5am and just finished a hectic week schedule, I was physically and emotionally drained but even in that state, I could still appreciate the amazing show on display.

The acting was incredible, the stage setup was amazing and a band that was phenomenal. To top everything off, the dancing was mind-blowing. Everything was perfect and despite it being a relatively new show, there wasn't any proof of lack of practice. I haven't been to many musicals with the powerful dancing and technique that this musical showed but it was actually really refreshing. The choreography wasn't boring and dull, it was unique and exciting. It was mesmerising.

I feel terribly guilty that I didn't appreciate the show for everything it was so worth, but even then, I enjoyed every second. I would defintely recommend it to any musical lover and I think I may even have to re-watch it one day!