Designing my Summer Garden

The only place I haven't touched since moving into my new house is the garden. In all honesty, it's become a little neglected and I am excited to finally start working on it for the summer. As of right now, I haven't touched it since the week before moving in when I jet washed the patio and driveaway and built the patio furniture. I moved towards the end of the summer and as such, didn't get around to having any gatherings so it was placed on the back burner as I focussed on the house itself. 

It's going to be a big-ish project for me as I am not a gardener at all, but hopefully it will become a lovely place to relax and read this summer. The first job will be to clean the windows and drains, jet wash the driveway and patio, then paint all the fence panels and walls. After that it will be about weeding the garden and getting rid of debris, before putting up all the decorations. 

I've actually bought the majority of the things for the garden, bar the plants which I am hoping my dad will be able to organise and plan for me. I finally treated myself to a barbeque, in which I bought coal and a cover for it as well. I think it will eventually be stored outside but I'm waiting before properly setting up for now. It's not quite the one I had in mind as I initially wanted a big rectangular one with shelving either side and hanging space for utensils, but honestly, it would probably be too big for any events I plan on doing so very unnecessary. 

I really love having a mirror in the garden, so that will be going on the wall. Outside my side door, I'm going to put a cast iron welly boot holder and jack. Also, given how many dogs are in the family, I've purchased some dog bowls for both food and water. I'm hoping to be able to steal the puppies for a few days potentially. 

The colour scheme of my utility room is mint and peach, whilst the entryway is mint and black. I thought I would continue the colour scheme outside so the pathway flowed. I love my rattan patio furniture cube that I bought last year, but I do think it's a lot when it's just me at home. I decided to buy a couple of chairs from Dunelm. The whole purchase was a bit of a nightmare as they were in and out of stock constantly, but I fell in love and decided I had to have the Rattan Bistro Chair in Seafoam. I then bought some peach cushions from Amazon with separate cushion inserts and covers

For peach accessories, I started with a second picnic set. I already had a light blue set from last year, but I'm hoping to be able to have some garden parties and barbeques this year so I needed a few more! I also got a few picnic style bowlssalad spoons and water jugs. Finally I bought some solar lights which will be perfect on my outdoor table, with some matching plant pots. All these decoration bits so far have cost me £231, but I'm hoping they'll last a while which will be nice. 

I can't wait to share the progress and watch it all come together soon!