Big 2024 Travel Plans!

I touched on this briefly earlier this week, but I wanted to share details of my big trip to America booked for later this year! I actually started booking things back in September, just after I returned back from my last holiday in the Dominican Republic. 

So, I'm a planner and as hard as I try to be spontaneous, I can't help but think ahead and think to the future. I would love to have children when I'm 30 or in my early 30s. That's always been the plan and as much as I would love to do it with someone I love, if that's not the case, it's not going to stop me from becoming a mum...a hope. Having said that, I want to tick of two long-haul bucket list destinations before I do have children: 1. America and 2. Australia. I had planned for both of these to my now ex-partner who I thought would be my forever partner. We spoke a lot about both of them. America was going to be a road trip with him driving and Australia was going to be really special as he had lived there for a year, whilst he attended for university. Nevertheless, I'm doing it alone. 

This year, I am spending a month in America, plus a couple days in Canada! I have all the flights and hotels booked, as well as some trips already. I'm very excited, albeit a little nervous about travelling alone for so long. All the hotels are booked for two people, so I'm hoping I will be able to convince someone to come with me secretly. 

The agenda? As much as I would have loved a road trip, I personally don't feel comfortable driving in another country and I really don't feel comfortable driving alone for so long either. That did mean I had to change some of the destinations, but  I've tried to make the most of it. 

I'm starting in New York, travelling to Washington DC and then moving onto Canada. Niagara Falls is a must for me and I cannot wait. I'm staying on the Canadian side, then travelling up to Toronto and then to Vancouver. From there, I'm getting a cruise to Hawaii. I really wanted to go to Hawaii, but all the nice hotels I could find were extortionate and it was quite difficult to travel between the islands. A cruise seemed like the perfect choice to see multiple islands, as well as San Francisco on the way down. I'm then flying make over to the mainland to Las Vegas and then finally Los Angeles. The main trips I'm excited to do are Al Catraz and the Grand Canyon! 

I cannot wait to share all the details, all the travel content and all the review when I get back. Stay turned for the end of the year!