Pantomime Season, Hedge Trimming and Spa Break!

This vlog is a little all over the place, just like my life at the moment. Here's the first 3 weeks of the new year! 
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My new year's eve was celebrated at work with an awful, stressful and tiring shift, after being pulled to work in triage. We watched the New Year fireworks on a little phone and then I came home and cried myself to sleep. I can't decide which year was better: working through New Year's or sleeping through it. 
After 4 night shifts, I well and truly deserved some time off. I woke up around 5pm and headed to the first of two pantomimes to see Peter Pan and then the next day, saw Dick Whittington with my mum. I'll share the full review of both performances, if they're not live already. 
When my mum came down the following day, we headed to Zizzi's first for an early dinner and the mains was delicious, but the dessert was terrible. It was so burnt and tasted terrible. I ended up complaining and the manager apologised and said she agreed. They ended up giving us not only a refund on the dessert, but made all our drinks free too. 2 Diet Cokes and 2 glasses of wine!
My mum kindly agreed to stay over so that she could give me a lift to work the next day, and then I got the bus back. My dad came over the next day and he did the same thing too which was nice. We spent the morning cutting down and up some hedges, before going to the recycling centre and then out for lunch. I'd booked The Botanist and was so excited to go, but sadly on the way down, the roads were closed with sever flooding so we turned back. We'd planned to go to Chiquito's and then when we got there, not only had Chiquito's shut down, Frankie and Benny's had too, leaving only Nando's. It was quite nice in the end, but it wasn't quite the fancy meal I'd wanted. 

As the meal was much quicker than planned, we ended up calling at Wollaton Park on the way back. Funnily enough, we ran into my cousin and nephew and so they joined us on a little walk as well. 
A few days later, was my friend's engagement party. She actually got engaged back in June but with opening up and running a pub, and finishing her PhD, she'd been busy and wanted time off to relax and chill. They both love country music so they decided on a cowboy themed event and it was so cute. I loved all the little details so much. 
The following day was a spa weekend break with my mum, sister and great aunt. My mum treated us for a Christmas present. Again, a full review will be shared next week but it was pretty and relaxing for the most time, albeit rather cold!

I then got dropped back off at my cousin's house as I was babysitting my nephew, as she had a funeral to sadly attend. I had a lovely night playing and cuddling, then spent the night. The next day, we had a cooked breakfast, before going on a nice walk and then getting dropped off again at my house as they headed to look for a new car.