Lake Henry, Alexander Weddings: Glamping Review (Review)

I did promise this post a long time ago, after attending a beautiful wedding of my god-family last summer. It's been a busy 6 months and I am only now getting around to writing the review up! 

The venue showcases a sequence of tipis for the main event, surrounded by a small lake and countryside fields. There's half set up for dinner tables and these were long and thin ones. My only complaint is that I was sat on a bench and my back doesn't do well in those long term so I was getting very sore. Afterwards, the other half which had been set up for the ceremony, was then turned into a dance floor, which also hosted a singer too. 

The benefit of the venue is that it provide exclusive access with both the grounds and the accommodations. The accommodation is split between a small cottage above the tipis and a wedding village at the bottom. The village is made up of double sided glamming pods which are luxurious but without their own bathroom attached. There is a honeymoon suite, but mostly these are made up on double beds, with a few family bunk bed rooms too. There is then a communal hub with fire pit, seating area and kitchen, shower zone, toilet pods and even a makeup room. 

The whole venue gives very posh festival type vibes and it was a lovely experience. I was a little worried about communal bathrooms, always being one to get private bathrooms in the past, but nevertheless, it worked out well. As someone who doesn't love partying, I went to bed early so I was able to get ready for bed privately and then my sister and I were one of the first ones awake so we got showered and dressed with no one else around also. We stayed in the Freesia pod which was the perfect location as it was right next to the makeup room, a couple down from the toilets and just behind the hub. 

The beds were super comfy and I was also very tired. We did turn the heater all the way up but it kept us warm overnight. Apparently, they were singing and dancing by the hub well into sunrise, but I didn't hear that. My main complaint was that each of the pods backed into another and unfortunately, we were woken up by a baby quite early, but it didn't matter too much as we got first dibs of breakfast which was delicious! We had sausage and bacon sandwiches, alongside croissants and muffins. All cooked and served to us, which was a pleasant surprise. 

It was quite a short stay but we did go for a little walk the morning after the wedding, when the weather was a little nicer. It had been planned to do the wedding outside, but after sitting in the rain for 15 minutes, the decision was made to move it inside and the accommodation was very quick and rapid at the change. 

Overall, it was a very modern take on weddings and very different to the types of weddings I've been to but very instagram-able and beautiful. I would defintely recommend it to others and even though I was initially reluctant to stay over myself, it was worth it!