Pamper Me, Tepee Wedding and Musical Theatre!

With an unexpected bonus week off, without annual leave, I headed back to Wakefield to enjoy some family time over the bank holiday and a friends wedding. 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
After 2 day shifts and 5 night shifts in the space of 8 days, I was well and truly ready for a break. With the set of shifts I'd been allocated, I ended up having a week off, without needing to take any annual leave. That is one huge benefit of working 12.5 hour shifts. My first day was spent in Nottingham. I went to the salon to have my nails done. It was £25 for both file and polish on fingers and toes as it was a trainee, which was exactly what what I needed, as I could only have my nails painted for the week I was off. I chose a lovely mauve pink-purple to match my dress for the wedding the next day. 
After writing a week's worth of blog posts and accidently falling asleep, I then packed and started the driving to Wakefield. I called at KFC for tea on the way back and it was the first time I'd had KFC for a long time. When I got back, I played with the puppies for a little while, talked to my mum, sister and grandma and then headed into the hot tub, before a long bath and shower. 
The next day was the day of the wedding! I was planning on driving back and forth on the same day, but my sister and her partner broke up so she said I could crash with her in the glamping pod. I had set my alarm to wake up at 7am, but instead I woke up at 6am and after struggling to get back to sleep, I decided to start getting ready. It did mean I was ready an hour early, but I ate a bacon sandwich and relaxed with the dogs for a little while. 

The venue was beautiful and I plan to share a review shortly of the entire location, but the wedding itself was gorgeous. We got ready in the glamping pods, before heading up. We started outside, but unfortunately the rain started coming so a quick location change, meant the ceremony was moved to inside the tepee instead. 
It was a beautiful day, with delicious food and incredible live music from a range of artists: steel drums, acoustic singer and guitar, saxophonist and a dj. They had some games for the kids with a soft zone play area, number kub, giant jenga, skittles and a throwing game too. The majority of the night was for dancing and as someone who doesn't really dance, as well as someone who is a complete light weight. I ended up heading to bed just after 10pm, to warm up and go to sleep and I truly slept great. 
The next day, Jess and I woke up just after 7am. We got ready and dressed, then headed to breakfast to have some yummy bacon and sausage sandwiches. It was just missing some chocolate muffins! We then headed back, calling at the garden centre on the way back, before getting home to grandma. We had the chillest afternoon after that and we all just ate whatever we wanted and watched films together. 

Bank Holiday Monday was for a family barbeque. It was a little bit of a colder day than expected, but it was still enjoyable and the food was delicious. I had a lovely chat with everyone before a snuggle with my favourite boy, who I forced to sleep. 
My last day in Wakefield was a relaxing day, with a girls night out. We headed to a local Italian for some food before mum and I headed to the theatre to watch School of Rock the Musical, which one of our friend's daughters was actually in. As a local theatre production, I was actually very pleasantly surprised. It was incredible! Of course, a full review coming soon! 
I drove back to Nottingham straight after. Arriving just before 1am, thanks to some traffic. I slept straight away and then unpacked in the morning. At lunch time I got ready for the day and decided to head into town on the bus. It was my first time on a proper bus since pre-Covid and it was actually really lovely and relaxing. I made my way with plenty of time to get seated for Heathers the Musical and it was epic. Again, full review coming soon! 
Afterwards, I walked around Nottingham beach which looked incredible. I wish I had kids so that I could have taken them but until then, I enjoyed walking around in the sunshine. Before jumping back on the bus, I decided to get some food to take home, so I got a takeaway from Barburrito and it was defintely worth it! 
Such a great week! Now to go back to work.