Shutter Transformation, Greatest Days and House Improvements!

A busy couple of weeks around the house and at work, but lots of progress and some truly lovely families to look after. 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I started the vlog with 5 night shifts in a row. I had a singular night shift, and then a sleep day before 3 further night shifts, so decided to just do one as an extra as I would be awake anyway. They were all great, very smooth sailing, until the last shift, apart from when I burnt my thumb microwaving a ready meal. 
I had a lady, pregnant with her fourth baby who came in, in early labour but too scared to go home due to previous precipitate labours. Ultimately, she convinced us to break her waters in the hopes of quickly having a baby but instead she went from 2cm, to 3cm, to 4cm and then just before handover, fainted and needed transferring from our low risk midwifery led unit, to the obstetric side. I really thought I had broken her and was crying whilst documenting up. I went in to quickly say goodbye, and just before I left, she delivered. I gave her the biggest hug, before crying the entire way home. It was all a bit emotional and I was exhausted, finishing an hour late with no second break. 

I finally had a day off and after I woke up, I spent the evening taking down the blinds in my lounge bay window and filling in holes. The next day, I deep cleaned the house and painted the window, before heading out to see my cousin and nephew for a few hours and then coming home following a quick shopping trip. 
I ended the night with another musical, this time The Greatest Days, previously called The Band. I actually have a musical or play booked for every month from August until next June and I'm excited to get back into them. I will be sharing so many reviews starting next month so stay tuned for all the musical and book reviews coming soon. 
Another shift on Thursday was absolutely lovely. It was a dream. I had my last shift with one of my favourite first year students. She got me a lovely present and card to say thank you. We had a lovely birth and got the biggest hug from her as we said goodbye, and then I went up to the ward to see the lady I'd looked after previously. After such an emotional end to the shift, I wanted to check in and make sure she was okay. Luckily, she was and so happy to see me! We had a lovely chat for half an hour whilst I cuddled her teeny tiny 5lb 3oz little girl. I had wondered why she'd needed to be in for so long, expecting her to have an early discharge but baby required a day 3 weight because she was so small. Anyway, it was lovely to catch up and chat. Of course, I was very pleased she didn't hate me! 

When I finally got home, I crashed just after 9pm. Sadly, I woke up in the middle of the night. It's been so hot, I've been really struggling to sleep, but luckily, I could have a relaxing morning on Friday. Just before lunch, my fitter arrived to fit the shutters and I was so excited to see the finished product. Whilst he was fitting, I was busy around the house and getting ready to go on holiday. Full shutter review coming in the next few weeks. 
The house is getting so so close to being finally completely done and I am so excited. I spent some days ticking off jobs around the house and in the garden, which I will be sharing all very soon with a final completed house tour! Some of the jobs were:
  • Oiling my oak kitchen worktop
  • Organising some cupboards 
  • Touching up the paint 
  • Fitting covers over the utility room units 
  • Adding a tinted window to the downstairs cloakroom 
  • Rehanging the "M" on my "FAMILY" sign 
  • Finishing the shutters 
  • Weeding the garden
  • Watering plants 

I worked an extra shift on Sunday and although I was a little worried that I would start my annual leave on a low, it was a beautiful shift and I am so glad I went in and was able to support my family that I got the privilege of looking after. She was so pleased that I stayed half an hour late to catch her beautiful baby boy at 1922, then finished my paperwork afterwards, before insisting I take a picture with him. 

The next day, I woke up early for an at-home beauty appointment. I had my nails painted and my armpit waxed. I picked a lovely coral-pink shade with glitter accents on the thumb and ring finger! I then had two work meetings that were at the trust but were actually for my university course. One was about Guideline updates and another about Risk managements. They were both really interesting but surprisingly long. After that I managed to fix the door that had fallen off it's hinges, before cleaning the shutters, doing some laundry and finally, packing just after the gardener left. It was a really busy day!