My First Year of Postgraduate Studies

I am genuinely shocked by how quickly the last year has flown by. Whilst yes it has been full of ups and downs, the university year has gone very quickly. I have really enjoyed all the challenges, discussions and lessons whilst completing my Master's degree and I am now half way through with just one year left to finish. I am currently well on my way to passing, although quite far off my original goal to achieve the highest award level. 

I'm currently on summer break and it's definitely weird to have a normal university term time to follow for once. It has been refreshing to have a little break away from the weekly online learning and whilst I haven't completely not been doing university work, it's been much more chilled and relaxed. As I got an extension for part of my last module assessment, I have been doing a little bit of that alongside, with a few meetings in between my normal shifts allocated. 

I thought it would be good to share all my first year posts in one place, like I did for all my undergraduate studies and then share the progress and marks as well. As far as I am aware, each module in first year is worth equal amounts of weighting towards the final grade so my current grade average is: 60% = Merit (just!). 

Module 1: Normal Childbirth
Module 2: Facilitating Complex Childbirth
Module 3: Professional Midwifery Advocate