Feedback from my First Master's Essay

If you watched the vlog I shared at the time of submitting my first Master's level university assessment, you'll know I wasn't hugely happy with the work I did as I really wanted to do my best work, but knew it wasn't. I was going through some struggles with my mental health, between house drama, love life, family illness and lost friendship. It also didn't help that I had so many shifts at work, so I ended up utilising some segments from previous work and not having time to proof read as much as I would have liked. 

I really want to overall get 70% by the end of the two years, so it was a little disheartening when I saw the result of 58%. It is quite literally the lowest mark I have ever got, but I had a lot of positive feedback and constructive criticism I can utilise going forward. I feel optimistic right now that things will get better, so fingers crossed. As with all feedback, there are some things that I don't agree with personally but everyone has their own opinions. I also don't think the comments particularly reflect the overall score. Potentially, the mark may change after they are compared to others. 

For the first 3 learning objectives, I scored 36/50. The main ideas I have included highlighted key points and discussion was widened to include appropriate statistics and women's perceptions. The marker felt I could have included the midwife's role in facilitating normality more so. I was also told to include more of the physiology and biological aspect to explain ideas. 

The last 2 learning objectives weren't supposedly covered as well, as I didn't gain any marks for the fourth, and got 22/50 for next. It was felt that I didn't discuss the impact on the service in any depth, however I disagree as I approached it from a historical perspective. She did however like my discussions on resilience, fear culture and Professional Midwifery Advocates. 

Overall, I was shocked to see that they thought the structure was "muddled" and describe "multiple unrelated topics being discussed in one paragraph". As well as the fact that my reference list was incorrect, but I have looked and again, disagree. From a going forward perspective, I can see how at level 7 writing they really focus on argument rather than descriptive work, with word count being better focussed on fewer topics in more details and ensuring each is backed by research.