Booking a Last Minute Trip to Poland!

If you read my resolutions post, you'll have seen travel was a priority for me and I've already ticked it off (at least once!) this year. I ended up having 7 days off. Unfortunately the plans I thought I'd have fell through and the plumber was still unavailable to come and do the delayed and twice rescheduled work. I decided why not live in the moment and get out there. It was either that or sit at home, alone and cry all day every day. 

I looked at flights from East Midlands as I really hate transferring flights, so I looked at direct destinations from my local airport. Poland came up as one that was direct, had good times of flights and was cheap. I love when the outbound flight is early in the morning and the inbound is late at night so that you get to spent the most time possible in the destination. I ended up booking it straight away for Monday to Friday. 

Next, I had to find a hotel and whilst I had a lot of things I knew I could do in Poland, I also wanted to relax somewhat and so I wanted a spa hotel so that I could get both a treatment and go swimming, whilst also being in walking distance from the city centre. Novotel Krakow Centrum ticked all the boxes and wasn't super expensive. It also included airport transfers and breakfast so I thought it was a great option. 

I decided to book the 3 excursions I wanted to do whilst I was out there so I used Get Your Guide to arrange the day trips. I did one full day to Auschwitz and then added on the half day trip to the Salt Mine. The middle day I arranged to go to Zakopane and the thermal baths. Then I also booked a Segway Tour of the city, which was sadly later cancelled. 

Last minute, my cousin decided to have a party to celebrate my nephew's naming day. I didn't want to miss it as it was a family even so I did end up rescheduling my flights. As they were so cheap, I couldn't get a refund so I just booked 2 new flights, this time from Leeds Bradford, to ensure I came back on Thursday night. I also couldn't get a refund on the last night at the hotel, and sadly had to then arrange my own airport transport in Poland, although I did get a refund on my airport parking and my mum offered to be my taxi in Yorkshire. 

Ultimately, due to this, the cost went up a little and by the end of the trip, it was a little over what I had budgeted for but I made the most of my time there and I am glad it got me out of the house and out of my misery. I will be sharing all the vlogs next week and going into details of my trip the week after so stay tuned for more travel posts!