Christmas Special 2022!

From Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day to a mother-daughter date too! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

On Christmas Eve Eve, I headed home to my mum's for the holiday. I managed to get annual leave approved for this year so I had an entire 7 days off to enjoy. It was originally suppose to be even longer, but I had to swap a couple of shifts to help finish my essay. I called in at my cousins on the way home to mainly drop off the presents for Christmas and pick up my own, but also to meet her new puppy. 

Christmas Eve we went to my step-grandma's house for a little buffet and when we got back, we prepped the vegetables for tomorrow. In the evening, we played board games and even grandma joined in. Before settling down to watch a film in the evening. My sister picked "Lady Chatterley's Lover" and I genuinely really enjoyed it, despite the sadness. 

Christmas Day started with unwrapping presents. It was Freya's first Christmas and she was so cute, getting constantly spoiled with presents and cuddles, but it was sad that Floki wasn't around to enjoy it with us. He'd gone back to his breeders for a week. We then set up for family, got ready for the day and celebrated. 

Family came for 2pm, with nibbles and catching up. The meal was served buffet style at 3pm and I was very impressed by how late people stayed afterwards. We did a quiz which took far too long. Then when some guests started to leave, we played some more games and talked all about life. 

Boxing Day was at my aunt's house this year, with a delicious meal served for us. It was nice to have a mini Christmas again. We played Mr and Mrs with me as a question master and the crackers were also fun games included too. 

The day after, my Aunty Rachel and cousin Rob came to visit. It was lovely and they stayed and talked for so long. In the evening we watched the first Avatar and I forgot so many details!

Then mum and I headed out on a date day. We did originally head out to swap and return some Christmas gifts but the one we needed was closed. We headed to the White Rose centre and watched the Avatar sequel, went to do a little bit of shopping, and then headed out for a lovely meal at Prezzo. Sadly, I didn't like any desserts but that was probably a good thing because I had to head back to Nottingham. We got back at 6 ish and I headed home half an hour later, after loading up the car.

I am so pleased that I took so many photographs this year. I really wanted to capture every moment so here are just a few highlights.