Travel Day, Hotel Tour and Spa Night! / Poland 2023

I woke up early to fly to Krakow, had a lovely welcome to the hotel and then a spa night! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After a slight change of plans, I ended up driving to my mum's on Sunday night and slept truly terribly. She drove me to the airport bright and early at 6am and then I got on my flight safely a few hours later. I wasn't holding out high hopes for Wizz Air after hearing so many bad things about restricted leg room but I was pretty impressed with how spacious it was and it was so quiet I could have had 3 rows to myself! I treated myself to a £12 breakfast before getting on and it was delicious. 

Due to unexpected baggage staffing, we were delayed by just over an hour by the time we set off, so we arrived in Krakow slightly late. I quickly got in an Uber and drove through the city centre. There were lots of monuments decorated in support of Ukraine and I even saw the Aircraft museum before arriving at the hotel. I was so impressed by my hotel room. It was so spacious and screamed luxury. Unfortunately the pool was closed when I arrived, so instead of lounging in the spa, I decided to head to sleep for a nap as I was knackered. 
When I woke up, I headed down to the restaurant and had a delicious 3 course meal with lots of Diet Coke. It was delicious and by this point, I was starving! I then headed down to the pool and spa to see what it was like and then decided to go ahead and get ready. 
After heading back down, I booked myself a relaxing treatment at the spa. I decided on a moisturising facial and neck massage. It was lovely and very calming, but by 20 minutes, I asked if she could do the back of my neck as she was mainly concentrating on the front and my chest. She said yes and told me to turn over. The neck and back massage was truly the best. Oh how I miss having massages. Just another downside to being single for life. 

Then I headed down to the pool. I literally had the whole pool and sauna to myself. It was lovely. I talked to some friends on the phone, played my own music and read a book. I then spent over an hour swimming in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub, before drying off in the sauna. It was the perfect start to a little much needed break.