My "Best of 2022" Pictures Explained

Just like last year, the annual tradition of sharing my "Best Nine" images on Instagram. Honestly, this year was hard for me; I struggled with my mental health more than I could have ever imagined. I spent the majority of the year alone and miserable, grieving the loss of a life I’d planned for. Breakups aren’t easy and adding buying my first house onto that was tough. I put all my time and energy into the latter and at times I was so ready to give it all up. I’m hoping it will all be finished soon!

Of course, there were small moments of joy in between the heartache. I had a long overdue, very belated graduation, which was sweltering as it was on almost the hottest day of the year. At work we celebrated the Platinum Jubilee and International Day of the Midwife. But, the highlight of the year was welcoming the newest member to the family and stealing all the baby snuggles πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

As always, I think these collages are often not truly reflective of the highlights of the year as they are based on popularity and not personal meaning, but what was the best memory of your year?