Belated Christmas Present Haul!

As I saw my older sisters and both parents before Christmas this year, I wasn't actually expecting any delayed Christmas presents, but I was surprised by always and as I did mainly night shifts before the new year, I hadn't managed to pick up either of my Secret Santa present from work. It was a lovely surprise to be able to open them on my first shift back on labour suite this year. 

My wonderful manager bought everyone personalised champagne flutes with their names on. I love mine so much and it is defintely something I will treasure. I also decided to treat myself to some items in the Boxing Day Sales. I bought some extra kitchen bits from Le Creuset! 

My labour suite Secret Santa bought me the most gorgeous candle holder which goes so perfectly in my navy blue kitchen and lounge decor. I haven't quite decided where it looks best just yet but I think the lounge. She also bought some hair clips which are lovely. I always think they look stunning on others, so I will have to try it next time I wear my hair down. 
My ward Secret Santa bought me a embroidery kit which she is still working on but it looks super cute so far! 

My oldest sister decided to treat me to a meal, so she came down last weekend and we had a perfect adults only weekend together. 
My dad’s girlfriend sent a surprise gift of bath fizzers, washable makeup pads and fluffy socks. 
Finally, my mum's presents weren't belated per se, but I didn't get to take pictures of them at the time. The bag she originally bought me was purple but I already had a very similar one in purple, so she switched it to black, with a purple purse and I love them both. Also, her flowers arrived. The first came a little damaged, so I ever got a free bonus bouquet too! 
I love this mini haul of presents. They're all so sweet and purposeful which I personally love especially.