Submitting my First Master's Assessment "Normal Childbirth"

Last week, I shared my impressions on starting my masters and the first module. This week I’m talking about the assessment. Almost every single module has its own unique assessment type and the first module started with an academic essay. It was my first time writing such a large volume - 6,000 words - and also at level 7. It was also an essay unlike any I’ve written before. Instead of being a title, it was almost a “choose your own title” based on the learning objectives to be covered. 

Despite the module being very individualised and independently taught, the essay seemed very descriptive. There were 5 quite specific objectives and whilst I wanted to discuss each throughout and link them, it was recommended to almost answer them as separate essays, with subheadings throughout. I actually found this a lot harder. 

Unfortunately, I had a very busy work schedule in the few weeks prior so I ended up having pretty much 2 days and then 5 days to write the entire things. I thought I would struggle to start but the first block was great and really productive. The second block not so much. I didn’t enjoy the latter objectives and also found myself in another low point in my mental health. Most days I would be writing and crying simultaneously and struggled to focus.

It was a real shame and I was so disappointed with myself which made it so much harder. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I really wanted to have a distinction for this masters as a whole and I was excited to submit some of my best work. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the case. I haven’t been informed of my mark yet and I think it’s not until the end of February but, I’m not holding out much hope.