What I Got for Christmas 2022

I always love being able to look back at what I got for Christmas in previous years and for the first time in a long time, I actually requested a number of items, mainly for the house. I feel like my family didn't go overboard this year which I think is a really good thing because it sometimes makes me feel really guilty when they do. I was also going to bring back a present haul, but with how I looked on returning home, I decided not to force that upon everyone and so just put everything away into their new homes. 

In terms of bathroom bits, I got some Avedo hair collection items from my godmother and my mum got a bauble of shower gel. From my little sister, I asked for some shaving oil as I really struggle with a clean shave and razor burn. She ended up getting a little collection instead so I will definitely share a review when I've tried them. She also got a bubble bar and face mask for me so I used those the day I got back and had a relaxing bath to try and cheer myself up a little. 
From my dad, I asked for some cooking bits. I ended up finding these Le Creuset dishes in the winter sale so sent him the link and he purchased these for me. He's also treated me to the building bits needed to build my stud wall which will be hopefully completed soon. 
Some little extra bits were a Queen memorial bauble, some new Christmas earrings and some Christmas socks. My current manager also bought some little sample size eye creams so I have one of those too. 
My middle sister, bought some photo frames that I asked for and I treated myself to three house map pictures. I won't share the other two because one is my mum's home and one is my current house, but I want to put these up in the hallway and cannot wait. She also bought some room spray and a diffuser too. 
I got a chocolate box from my step-uncle and aunt and then some chocolate from my step-grandma. 
My main gift from my mum was a simple vase and then I asked for a monthly subscription with a supply of flowers. I wasn't expecting a full year, but I can't wait to receive these and I will defintely be sharing them as soon as they arrive. Use my discount for £10 off your first order. She also got both my sister and I some notebooks for work and university. 
After the disaster of getting stuck in a snow storm, I got a breakdown kit and a car battery start too. I will be keeping these in the car going forward and then hopefully I won't be stuck again! My cousins bought the big kit, and I treated myself to the battery. 

What was your favourite Christmas present this year? Did you get anything nice?