Should I Bullet Journal?

For the last couple of years, I've launched a new blog series at the start of each year. Whilst 2022 was weekly for the first few months and 2021 was monthly for the year, this year I'm thinking of starting a somewhat online bullet journal. I love the idea of bullet journaling and always have for the last few years. 

A bullet journal is a method of personal organisation including anything from scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other tasks into a single notebook. Traditionally it's done physically in a dotted notebook, which allows the individual to design and personalise the journal to meet their own needs. I've always found it therapeutic and pleasant to watch other's create and complete their journals but know I couldn't complete my own to the same standards because I'm rubbish at drawing and designing. 

I found an pre-designed journal that I fell in love with, but by the time I went to buy it, it was sold out and only then available via online download. I think it would be a lot of money to then try and print it myself so I somewhat gave up on the idea, but since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I found an app which does like the tracking part of it, however the free trial is short lived so I am now leaning towards designing my own online through Canvas. 

Have you ever had your own bullet journal? What's your must have pages?