New Year Resolutions 2023

I don't believe in the "New Year, New Me" mantra that many focus on at the start of the new year, but I do love being able to reflect on the previous and make positive goals for the year ahead. This year I've decide to be gentle with myself. I'm starting the year off in the lowest place I have ever started a new year and so I don't want to force myself to have to pretend I'm okay, because I'm not. I'm not okay and that's okay right now, I know I will be again at some point. 

This year's word I have chosen is heal.

With all that being said, I am keeping this year's resolutions simple, short and sweet. I'm also going to make sure that I reflect on them and evaluate my progress throughout the year. 

  1. Digital detox before bed. I've become terrible at spending hours on my phone in bed before I go to sleep, especially watching TikTok. I really want to make a conscious effort to spent 30 minutes without looking at my phone, hopefully reading, this year. But sometimes I know that won't be possible, so even if it's just a pamper session or talking to friends or playing games. 
  2. Read 12 books. I used to love to read and I haven't read consistently since first starting university. I have a huge pile of to be read books and I refuse to buy anymore until I have read them this year! I thought a great goal would be to read one a month, but I wanted to give myself grace so I've said 12 this year. I tend to read more when I go on holiday so I thought, this would allow a little flexibility. 
  3. Do an activity for me. Each month I want to make sure I do at least one activity for me. I have a few things I've bought over the years that I've never done and I would love to be able to try and complete different projects. I have a calligraphy online lesson still, I would love to get back into Zumba and I think having an ice skating lesson would be brill too. 
  4. Travel somewhere new. I love travelling and I love exploring. I’ve always said I would love to visit every single country before I die, but I know that it very unlikely. I would to tick off at least two more countries this year with probably a city break and a beach holiday. I am desperate for a long sunny summer holiday so fingers crossed I can get one organised! 
  5. Go through my belongings at the farm. Just with everything that has been going on at the house, I haven't quite finished bringing all my things over just yet. I would like to finish going through everything to bring these over and put them in their places. But first, the house needs to be finished! 
  6. Sell or donate old clothes. I have so many clothes that don't fit or I don't wear and some of which I have never worn. I'm giving myself to the end of the year and if they don't fit anymore, I'm getting rid of them! 
  7. Finish the utility room. Honestly, this has caused me so much stress. It was first of all suppose to be completed in October, then December and now hopefully started in January and completed in February. Have everything crossed for me!
  8. Sort the storage cupboards. The only other thing I really want to do in the house is sort the shelving in the two storage cupboards. I want both of them to have shelving put in to make the space more useable and not as dirty etc. 
  9. Buy a new car. Some of you may know that I currently - and have always - driven my grandma's car. My grandma pretty much stopped driving the year I passed my test so she gave me her car for work and then my sister ended up buying her own so I got to keep it. I really wanted to keep it until 2024 because it turns 20 years old, but I've spent more money on it in the last year than it's worth so I at least want to purchase the new care. Whether that means I have had it delivered or not is a different question, because I know there are some delays in the car manufacturing process at the moment.
  10. Be happy. This is my last goal of the year and I just hope 2023 is a better year for me. If I can finish the year being happy and confidently say I have had more happy days that sad days, that will be an achievement in itself. 

What are your new year resolutions this year?