I Finally Had my Graduation Ceremony!

Despite being a qualified midwife for 20 months, and finishing my university degree in December 2020, after 6 years of university, I have finally graduated and attended my graduation ceremony! Thanks to Covid-19, ceremonies were put on hold and delayed. Most universities started them back up again last summer, but sadly, The University of Nottingham did not. Well, it was finally my time to walk the stage and it was such an experience. 

The vlog of graduation will be going live later this week, but in all honesty it wasn't the dreamy day I had planned. In the midst of moving house (literally the day after) and a British heatwave with highs of 35 degrees, the whole day was pretty torturous. I was already annoyed we were the last ceremony of the day and couldn't collect gowns until less than 2 hours before. We arrived and registered and then got dressed. It was honestly sweltering, but it was so nice to see everyone again and have a mini reunion. It wasn't the easiest to get everyone together, but I think I at least said hello to most people. 

The ceremony was on the longer side, with lots of graduates and an extended introductory welcome, focussing on the universities efforts during Covid-19 and not the fact our student experience was massively effected, as was out first 2 years working in the NHS. We walked the stage and then once everyone had been named, we also had to re-walk down the altar in pairs. It felt a little silly. 

We had the professional photographs taken whilst the queue was small and I really wish I hadn't, because they were still open after the ceremony, whereas everything else was not. When the ceremony finished, we headed to the food trucks and they had all closed. I was absolutely heartbroken! We ended up managing to buy a couple of drinks, as the free refreshments had either finished or gone really warm, and I was allowed a free cupcake but it wasn't super nice. By the time we'd drunk, it was already half past 6, so time was running out to take pictures. 

Dad was initially coming with us to take pictures, but he also needed to get back to Leeds and didn't want to come out for a meal, so instead, he walked me almost back to the car, and then left, as mum and me went to the Trent Building, Highfields Park and the Medical School. We didn't have time to get to the park itself which was a shame, and the Medical School was also closed, so we made do with what we could in the time frame allowed and raced back to drop off the gowns, just before the 8pm. 

We weren't going to go out for a meal because dad didn't want to, and with the house move bright and early the next day, we didn't want to be out too late, but ultimately, we were starving and with the house packed up, it was quicker to go out to eat, but we didn't go too fancy so we headed to Frankie and Benny's for some nice feel good food!