Decorating Update, Wedding Redo and Sikh Traditions!

It was officially my cousin's second wedding week (repeat due to Covid-19 restrictions previously), with some house updates to start. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

The last vlog ended a little abruptly because it ended up being very stressful. I spray painted a table I'd got for free, and then unfortunately not only dyed my drive way but also ran out of spray paint before I'd even done half of the pieces. I then attempted to do the panelling myself and had to call for help because unfortunately, it ended up being a lot more difficult than I thought and we were working until 11pm. It was very dark and stressful! Ultimately, the panelling looks great and I'm really excited to see how it looks when painted, but it was very stressful and I'll talk more about the process when I talk about the room in a post in the next few months. 

Luke ended up coming over the next day to help me build and put up the fireplace, as we'd ripped out the old one as it looked dated and old fashioned. I love the style of the new one and it looks perfect, with almost an exact fit but unfortunately, the plaster by the legs are a little thinner than anticipated so ideally they needed plastering before securing it to the wall. 

It was also the first time I'd worn makeup and felt pretty in weeks. It was the second day of my cousin's wedding celebrations. Due to the stress of the previous day, I'd missed the event the night before but glad I could make it to the next. I went home for the quickest outfit change, as apparently I was too casual, then legged it out the door. I was going to eat something before I went as it was Indian food planned, but I ended up really enjoying the food and even getting seconds so it was all good. The night involved food, talking, dancing and drums! 
The next day, I went by the house to check on progress before heading down to Wakefield a little early. I felt terrible on the way down, I don't know whether it was from the heat and dehydration or low blood sugars, but I felt truly awful. I ended up stopped at the services just a couple junctions away from the farm, and planned to doze off for a short nap and slept for over an hour. I just about made it in time to very very quickly just in the shower and get redressed and slightly more glammed for a night out. We headed to a local Italian restaurant with Emma's close family. It was all three of her cousins and her direct aunts and uncles so it was nice. 
Finally, it was wedding day! They were originally having a ceremony as well, but I think with the number of guests it was decided it would be a little too hectic to have to change venues and instead they opted for a giant mega party instead. They had family fly in from all over: all over England, but more excitedly, America, Canada and Australia too! 
Immediate family were meant to get there an hour earlier for family pictures, but unfortunately disaster struck as the grooms family had hired a coach to bring them to the venue all together and it broke down on the way. In the end, their family and most of the guests got there at the same time, but we managed to sneak outside for pictures. Whilst waiting, there were a couple of acoustic singers playing background music which was lovely and it was nice to see family and friends. We also got canapés to eat, and an open bar. The cake was made by a dear friend and the heat caused it to start melting, but it was delicious to eat at the end of the night! 
After pictures were taken, it was time to sit down to eat. We weren't expecting anything so when immediate family were called outside to walk in as the bridal party procession, I was a little shocked. We came in to drums and music as everyone watched. We didn't quite dance in like the other side but hey ho. Then it was cake cutting and first dances, before starters. The starters were delicious. There was melon and parma ham, as well as lots of Indian options in a buffet style. This was followed by the evening entertainment of Bhangra dancing. 

After, we sat back down for main courses. Again, there was lots of Indian options in a buffet style delivered to the table, but also fish and chips as a special request. I had a mixture of both which was nice. Then the rest of the night was dancing dancing dancing. There was loud drumming music all night, but spaces to go for breathers and quite moments too. I think most people really enjoyed it, but I was really pleased grandma didn't end up coming to be honest, because I think she would have hated it!