House Renovations, Building Projects and Decorating Begins! (Buying my First Home)

The emotional tearfulness continues as I start house projects and decorating, but by the time both my parents had been, I felt a lot better.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The start of the week was just emotional as I kept chasing my solicitor about both the utility room and the bins, which I was getting fined £100 for. I was honestly furious about the whole situation, and it only but a downer on everything else. My mum ended up coming down the next day to help support me and see the house for the first time. We had a few deliveries to wait in for and I had both the decorator and wardrobe fitter from Hammonds come in the morning, before she arrived. They were both great and it made me start to feel at least a little better. 

To take a little break and make me feel a little better, we headed to B and Q to get some inspiration, and then Next to try on some clothes I ordered. If you've watched some of the previous vlogs, you'll have seen I've been desperate to find at least 3 new dresses and failing miserably. I hated all the clothes except this one dress, which I thought was beautiful but at £140, it didn't make me go wow immediately so I decided not to keep it, although I am now regretting it a little. We went for a lovely meal out at Chiquito's before she left to go back North, but I felt at least a little better about the whole housing situation. 

However, that didn't last long as I then had 3 night shifts in a row, and the morning of the first, Luke messaged me to say he was buying a house. I was heartbroken because I didn't realise he'd even been looking, let alone in that position. I was honestly devastated and my heart shattered all over again. I cried for over half the day and was late to work, just trying to get a grip of how crap it is. 
After the three night shifts, my dad came round for a few days. He came down on Monday afternoon and we spent the evening having a couple of house tours of both the rental and the new house, before getting to work building furniture. I didn't have too many things as most of the furniture is at the rental, apart from a bed, table and chairs and garden table and chairs. 

On Tuesday, it was a bit of a job day. We headed to B + Q to try and find a fireplace as I had got it ripped out over the weekend, only to not be able to find a replacement. In the end, I luckily found one online that looked like it would work great. We also went to the recycling centre of couple of times too, to get rid of boxes and other waste. 

I had Tapi Carpets come over in the morning to measure the spare bedroom and then went to the showroom to try and find a good deal. They had a number of last remnant rolls left at great prices and I found this beautiful soft grey for a great price, including fitting and removal of the old carpet. I had also looked around Carpetright but this was defintely the best deal. Afterwards, I had an appointment with Wren kitchen which I will share more about shortly, when I've made my decision, but it was really great to see and visualise. I was also expecting the decorator to start but he sadly did not. He and his employee came early, as they wanted to re-see the rooms for quantity of paint, but they said that they forgot the ceiling paint and the filler so couldn't actually start. It was annoying because it was quite a tight schedule so I assumed they would be running to time, but sadly not. 
The next day came and the decorators did come, although later than expected. They made such great progress for just one day and I was quite shocked at how much they had got done! We finished building all the furniture, then went to B + Q to pick up everything for both the patio, panelling and skirting boards. The patio had been jet washed earlier in the week but sadly, the moss didn't come up like I had originally hoped. 

Dad left just after lunch, as we had Greggs for the second time that week, with the promise he would come back to do the fireplace, beading and loft boarding at some point. I was very grateful for all his support, and he seems to really like this house which is a massive positive, as I really appreciate his views. I went back in the evening after the decorators had left to see the work, do the panelling and finish painting a DIY up cycled table. When I got back, I realised dad had taken my tape measure with him unfortunately, which was annoying but hey ho. Luke ended up coming over to help with the panelling and I will share that story for another day!