Family BBQ, Disappointing Paintwork and Intimate Wedding!

After the big wedding, we had a small family barbeque and then I went back to the new house for progress updated and also had another wedding for a friend.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The day after the big wedding left me feeling very rough. It finished just after 11pm, so it wasn't a super late night, but I slept rubbish and then got woken up at 8.30am on a Sunday morning which I really wasn't happy about. I ended up getting dressed and ready for the day, and started to go through some of the boxes in the study ready to take to the new house. In the end, mum said not to take anything yet, until there is a place to put it, which does make sense, but it left me feeling a little less prepared. I then fell asleep on the sofa for a few hours, missing the first part of a mini family barbeque and coming out just in time for food. 

I ended up going straight back to the new house on my way home and was really upset and disappointed with the quality of finish, but also the fact it wasn't finished as promised. I was originally told it would take Monday - Tuesday the following week, but then they didn't start until the Wednesday, and then they said that they weren't coming Monday and Tuesday, but wouldn't be back until the Wednesday. I ended up calling to say it need to be done Monday and Tuesday because I was moving things in after that! I was shocked at the finish, with paint covering light switches and plug sockets, messy finishes and edges, plaster on the ceiling, paint splodges on the wall paper and once again, he'd not scratched off the paint on the glass above the door frames as promised. I got into such a funk I just needed to leave the house before I got anymore upset once again. 

The next day, I was back at the house pretty early at 7am, to allow the builders to get into the house and leave a key for access to the bathroom for renovations. I was at a study day on the Monday so had to leave and then head home to have breakfast, and then head to the study day. More tears and emotional moments, before heading home after a long day. 

The morning of Harriet and David's wedding was super stressful. To be quite honest, I wasn't super into the whole wedding mood with everything going on in the house, and to make matters worse, I was rung the second I woke up to say the house had run out of electricity as it is currently on a pay as you go meter which is really difficult to top up. I didn't have a key or know anything about how to top it up, so I quickly rang EOn and was on hold for about half an hour. They gave me a code to get a new top up stick, but I had to wait an hour for it to be active, then had to wait another hour to top it up and then go to the house and physically insert it to be topped up. Stresssss...of course, it was the one day that the electrician was coming to do all the electrical work, which made it even more vital. So, whilst waiting for the hour to have it activate, I got as ready as I could for the wedding, then made my way to the two random shops, before running into the house, and then heading back home to quickly top up my makeup and freshen up. I was hoping to have time to eat something but sadly, that wasn't the case. 

Luke picked me up and amazingly, I was only 6 minutes late getting into the car. The wedding was at the Newark registry office and it was set in beautiful grounds, with castle remnants and a park. It all seems a blur already, but it was nice to have some chilled socialising in the gardens, chasing the shade as once again it was brutally hot. We took pictures after the ceremony, and the bride's family also brought some drinks for everyone which was very much needed. 

After the ceremony, we headed back to Nottingham City Centre and to the reception which was at The Cosy Club. I'd never been before, but it was a very dark venue, more traditional then expected and we were in a mini 2 room private area. The food was delicious and I was pleasantly surprised by the starters in particular. They were delicious! They had speeches in between the courses, a non-traditional cheese cake for a wedding cake, and a mini first dance in the corner. It was a beautiful day for two beautiful friends.