Awaiting Completion, Collecting Keys and Emotional Impressions! (Buying my First Home)

It was a long process to get the keys for my house, but I finally got them and had an emotional surprise. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I started the vlog the previous day, trying to feel excited to get the keys for the next day. Weirdly, despite rental viewings over a month earlier and contracts already signed, a rental sign went up outside my house.

I had originally expected to get the keys at 9am, because I thought and just assumed that's how it went, given that I'd paid and exchanged contracts over 2 weeks earlier. Well, I discussed with my solicitor and estate agent and sadly, that was not the case. Frustratingly, despite sending the funds, they weren't actually sent to where they needed to be. Instead, it would be sent first thing in the morning and then it would be a waiting game. I had already arranged and rearranged appointments for when I got the key, so unfortunately these would have to be rearranged. As I was told, I was guaranteed the keys for 3pm, I just thought I could rearrange the one appointment, which wasn't too big of a deal. 

The day came and I got up early and got dressed, just in case things went a little quicker than anticipated. Just before 11am, I got a call from my solicitor and email, followed quickly by my estate agent emailing, telling me the property sale had officially been completed and the property was legally mine. Once again, despite thinking this was now mine, I still had to wait. I was informed the sellers had until 1pm to leave the property. 

1pm came and went and I kept in contact with the estate agents throughout the day. They said that the sellers wouldn't be out until 3pm and I couldn't do anything about it because solicitors couldn't and wouldn't do anything about it to force it, until the end of the working day. The countdown was on to try and get the keys before the estate agents offices closed and it was painful waiting. At 3pm, I set off to the estate agents because it was a 40 minute drive away from my house and so I decided I would just wait in the parking lot to collect the key. 

I got there, and decided to ring for an update, to be told that the sellers were on their way. At just after 4pm, I finally got the keys (with a little gift box) and at 4.30pm I was finally in the property...only to be met by what was a horror show of a utility room. 

They had completely ripped out the cupboards and left the plaster work an utter mess, with pipes everywhere. I was horrified and burst out into tears. I think it's quite clear from the raw vlog footage, exactly how I felt, and to be honest, that was very much toned down. I was a complete mess and sobbing down the phone to my mother, which I never do! I am pleased to say I feel a little better now, but I am still so angry. I will update you soon! 

I didn't have much time to dwell as I had an appointment after another appointment in the evening. Sadly, one had to be cancelled due to the time constraint, but it did manage to get rearranged. I will talk about the appointments more so another time, but be prepared for lots of home improvement videos and posts.