Saying Goodbye to my Rental (Buying my First Home)

It's official! Today I moved out of my rental house and I am now officially living in my first home. My rental has had a few ups and downs but overall, it had been the perfect starter home. I have loved the location and being so close to both Nottingham City Centre and work has been amazing. I don't love driving at the best of times, so being able to work to both is perfect. 

The house has been just what I needed with plenty of space for me on my own. It would have been a little nicer to have a spare bedroom with enough space for a bed, in order to have more guests but it ultimately hasn't been a huge issue. I have defintely made the place feel like a home. 

It is so crazy how much of an increase the market is right now. I currently pay £595 a month, but was asked to start paying £650 if I wanted to recontract after a year. Of course, the risk of not re-contracting means that you are on a month-by-month rolling contract so they can terminate the contract at any point, but also increase the rend at any time. I was very lucky that I never had it increased. I was shocked to see that they had put it on the market at £750 pcm, and it has gone for over the asking! That's an unfurnished 1.5bedroom terrace house. Not including any bills. 

For memory purposes, goodbye rental house. Now that I've moved into the new house, the real fun begins. Just like I did with this house, I plan to do a room-by-room post too! A lot of it will be similar to the rental, but there are a few new purchases I have made already. Mainly the master bedroom, dining room and garden areas!