Bathroom Update, Carpet Fitting and Delayed Graduation!

There are major house updates and I finally had my graduation ceremony. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The house is finally starting to make progress with decorating almost done, the bathroom rapidly progressing and the carpet work is completed. My dad treated me to a new carpet for the spare bedroom as a house warming present. I picked it in a vlog a couple weeks ago and I fell in love straight away. It is truly beautiful! It got fitted bright and early, then the carpet cleaners came not long after. In all honesty, I think I booked the wrong type of cleaning because it was more for industrial purposes and a lot more expensive than anticipated, but the carpets look great and almost brand new. 

My mum came down which was really nice and honestly, I appreciated it so much. I left her mainly cleaning the new house room by room, as much as we can given that it's a current building site, whilst I packed boxes at the rental and started loading the car. Then we swapped and I went back and forth with the cars, whilst she cleaned the rental. By the end of Thursday night, everything except the valuable and big furniture pieces had been moved into my lounge at the new house, because I did not want to do anything the following day as it was graduation. I ended up repositioning everything into piles for each room so it was slightly more organised and ready to unpack at the weekend. 

My graduation ceremony was going on 2 years late, and wasn't quite what I had anticipated. I shared the full details in a separate post you can read here