My "Best of 2021" Pictures Explained

Here’s my best nine of 2021. Another year that I’m personally glad to end. It’s safe to say this year has been all about graduating, newly qualified midwife life and COVID-19. I did get to celebrate some things, including my birthday with family. We also said goodbye to two family dogs, but welcomed a sweet new puppy.

  1. Hearing the official announcement that I graduated with a first class honours degree. My NMC PIN came through very quickly, I paid and became a registered midwife within hours. 
  2. Getting my first flowers as a qualified midwife. I was so surprised when I was pulled outside and greeted with these gorgeous spring flowers by a family I'd looked after. The whole day reminded me why I love this job. It’s not always easy, but it’s pretty special and I’m so lucky to be a small part of such a monumental moment in family’s lives. 
  3. Receiving my first Covid-19 vaccine. I finished my first full shift by getting my first Covid-19 vaccine, and of course had to celebrate with a takeaway: Chinese and Cookie Dough!
  4. Celebrating my 25th birthday with family. May or may not have been surprised with a limo to take us for tea. 
  5. Purchasing a personalised drawing for graduation. My dream commission thanks to Megakreations creating such a special and personal piece.
  6. Saying goodbye to my forever puppy, Holly. "From the moment I watched you be born into the world, I knew you had to be mine."
  7. Holding my graduation certificate, finally! After the rubbish "online graduation", we got the certificates at the end of September. 
  8. Cutting my hair off, for the first time in 2 years. Not quite the dream hair cut I’d planned post-lockdown but nevertheless, it felt a lot lighter after having 10” off, layers put in and majorly thinned. 
  9. Having flowers from my boyfriend. After a particularly terrible shift he surprised me with flowers to cheer me up. 

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