Early Celebrations, Puppy Hogging and NHS Christmas!

With my Christmas roster, my mum organised an early Christmas celebration in Wakefield and I worked my first Christmas Day shift. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

On my last shift before Christmas, I finally got to pick up my new uniform and wear it! I was so excited to finally be matching the majority of colleagues. When I got back from work, Luke brought over McDonald's and loaded up the car, whilst I quickly packed to head off to Wakefield to celebrate Christmas early. 

Of course, the centre of attention was the latest addition to the family, the puppy. He is absolutely gorgeous and truly beautiful in every way. I think the whole family is just obsessed with him, mum especially. He has a small handful of toys, with a little squeaky duck being his absolute favourite. 

The first day there, was spent in loungewear the majority of the time. I was pretty exhausted from two busy shifts, so caught up on some sleep, whilst also enjoying the comfy sofa and catching up on television. 
The next day was a day of prep and a night of celebrating Christmas early. The Prime Minister, announced that the isolation period for Covid-19 reduced from 14 to 10 to 7 days, if two negative LFTs on day 6 and 7. That meant that whilst my aunt couldn't come, everyone else technically could. In the end, my uncle and cousin's partner also decided not to come to be safe, but there was still 14 people there, with 3 having takeaways. 
Mum and Jess did a great job with all the food, but it didn't really feel like family Christmas. It was too busy and chaotic. Plus, people kept coming and going. It was all very rushed, half the people were late and we didn't get the chance to play the games mum and I had prepared, just a quiz. 
The next day, we spent watching Christmas films, playing with the dog and unwrapping presents. I got so many great gifts and so many more than anticipated. I've shared the full haul here
Sadly, grandma had decided not to come the day before because half way through preparing tea for the night before, we got a phone call to say that Pele, had suddenly stopped being able to use his back legs. We ended up taking him to the vets and putting him down. With all that, grandma didn't want to celebrate. Instead, she came over the next day, after unwrapping presents to unwrap hers and then we played a couple of games of dominoes. Luke lost a fair amount and I think I gained but either way, it was still fun! 
I've written a whole post about Christmas Day itself and whilst the team I worked with were lovely, it wasn't quite the Christmas I obviously wanted, nor that which I expected. I ended up feeling very depressed when I got home. 
For Boxing Day, I headed over to Luke's mother's house to celebrate Christmas with them. His sister had gone to her partner's family for Christmas Day so it was a belated Christmas Day for everyone. I was a little nervous about going initially, however once there, I actually had an okay time. I was there just before his grandparents arrived, the food was delicious and we even played some games. I took Colour Brain and Mr & Mrs which I was quite impressed that everyone wanted to play. Once they left, we ended up playing dominoes too. 

Let's just say, I can't wait for next year. I will gladly forget this year's Christmas in a heartbeat. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the festive season. I will add this vlog to my Christmas playlist, so if you want to watch some happier vlogs, please do!