Boring Vlog, Wild Puppy and Update Storytime!

I want to apologise for this boring vlog. I didn't record much the last few weeks, I just enjoyed time with my family and a wild puppy. 

Click here for the vlog, or watch below. 

The year started with a family reunion with my sisters and dad. This was the belated and delayed Christmas celebration and it was so lovely to see everyone, especially the kids. On the Saturday, we drove down and went to see my oldest sister. We had a lovely cooked lunch, followed by a film and lots of games, plus of course, presents. We were all staying at a hotel nearby so we headed back around 11pm. 

The next day, we went to my middle sister's for breakfast. It was delicious! We ended up going for a walk to the park, playing with my niece and then had an early tea before driving back. Luke had to leave early Sunday morning for an archery competition so my sister ended up driving me back to Nottingham, as it was only about a 40 minute detour for her, and it meant she got a free service station stop at mine instead. 
I then had 4 shifts at work so didn't vlog much, but then had a lovely 9 days off in a row. I used a couple of annual leave days as was planning on going to see my dad in Wales before things got rescheduled. It was his birthday but he ended up booking a holiday abroad to celebrate. Instead, I headed to my mums. I pretty much did nothing but relax, stroll and eat.

Luke came with me for the first 3 days, then he came back for work. I stayed and mum brought me back on the Thursday instead. Like I said, we didn't do all that much but it was still enjoyable. We went out for tea on Saturday night to a local Italian. Sunday called for a full brunch, with a walk to a new park with the puppy. They also had a little cafe there, so we stopped for cake and coffee on the way back to the car. 
It's so cute watching grandma with Floki. He loves her but I'm pretty sure it's just because she overfeeds him sooooo many treats. He knows where the food is! He's also the first dog to have ever been allowed inside her house. 
Jess and I took him for a walk back to the park a couple days later, and then the day after, mum and I headed to Newmiller Dam as well. 
I'm still not sure I'm 100% a dog person, but he sure steals my heart every time I see him...