My New Uniform!

I shared a few months ago that my trust was switching from uniform to scrubs. Staff still had the option to order the original uniform of dresses or a tunic and trouser combination, in the new colour scheme, but most went for the comfier option with scrubs. 

As I was leaving the community, it seemed like a lot of people had their orders coming through. I was hopeful mine would arrive before I went to the hospital, but sadly not. Luckily, it didn't take too long as I did get a message on my second week to say that they were ready. I ended up having to miss a few hours of work whilst awaiting a PCR test result, following new trust guidelines changing over the weekend, so I ended up picking them up on my way in and wearing them the next day instead. 

I was so excited to finally fit in. I love the scrubs. They are so much easier to maintain. The darker colour means it doesn't show stains as easily, plus the scrubs are a much thinner material. They are quicker to wash and dry, don't require ironing and sit comfortably on the coat hanger. In the end, it was defintely the right option. I had originally thought the top would be too small and trousers too big. But it is the other way around. The trousers are tight around my thighs, which screams that I need to loose some weight, but they fall down when I don't tighten the string which is a little odd. Still, far more comfier than before and I love the white piping!

Of course, I am going to miss the lilac uniform I dreamed of wearing as a student, but I will forever have a number of keepsakes to keep as memories.