New Year Resolutions 2022

As I do every year, I once again am writing my New Year's Resolutions. I somewhat wish I'd thought of these before the New Year was here, because I'm not feeling well at the moment but nevertheless, I have tried to think of the important areas I want to focus on this year. Each year, I try to pick a word to summarise them all, so for 2022: health

  1. Exercise regularly. As I mentioned in my reflection post, this was also one I had on last year’s resolution list and I honestly failed big time. This year I want to make it a priority. I’ve felt myself becoming lazier and lazier, fatter and fatter. I want to make sure to get fitter, move regularly and incorporate fitness into my daily life. I want to make sure there is a mixture of fun activities: swimming, Zumba, yoga, walks, HIIT. 
  2. Read consistently. I have so many books in my to-read boxes. I feel like I’m not even making a dent in them but I really want to read them. I’m now back in the hospital so working 3 to 4 days a week, instead of 5 to 6, which makes a nice change. I also have quite a nice off duty with lots of days off and annual leave coming up. Plus, occasionally on night shifts, I may get the chance to take a book in. That’s yet to happen, but it may! 
  3. Eat healthily. I feel like I’ve made good progress with planning, preparing and cooking over the last year, but I still want to try to be better. I want to get back into the habit of meal planning, cooking in bulk and avoid food waste. I also want to ensure a more balanced diet, incorporating fruit and vegetables for healthier meals. I would love to ensure I have healthy snacks readily available. Right now, I would usually grab a packet of crisps or some chocolate just because it’s easier. I think if I prepare and portion out healthy snacks, like grapes, apples or yogurt for example. 
  4. Detox from digital sources. One of my biggest struggles recently has been falling my asleep. I feel like this happens to me in phases, but when I was a teenager I used to read for an hour before bed. I would love to be able to get into that habit again; to turn off the television and put my phone away. It doesn’t have to be reading, it could be talking or playing a game but implementing it every night. 
  5. Remove external pressures. I feel like family and friends can often pressure you to do things you aren’t necessarily comfortable with. Whilst I usually stand my ground with them, the same can’t be said for work. Well after struggling a little bit, I’ve started to speak up and discuss matters with managers which has made me feel much more comfortable. I love that we now have managers that are personable and accessible. 
  6. Simplify life and belongings. I’ve always loved minimalism and organisation. This year, like previously mentioned, I hope to get my first house. With that, I’ll be moving everything from my mum’s over so I want to start going through belongings and ideally half the items I possess. 
  7. Clean the house. This is something I always put off, but having a dirty house can make me quite anxious. I always feel better when the house has been deep cleaned. One thing I would love to work on is purifying the air. I have quite a low of mould and mildew, especially in my bedroom. I think I need to get an air purifier, diffuser and dehumidifier. I’m currently doing some research on the matter. 
  8. Complete my preceptorship. This year will be the year to get my band 6! I can’t wait to finish everything and no longer have to carry around a booklet to get signed off on competencies. I thought it was over after being a student but I was wrong. I don’t have much left to do so I’m hoping by the end of February, it will be completed. 
  9. Buy a house. I’ve now been officially looking for a good 3 months. Sadly, the housing market is currently ridiculous, with houses being sold within days. There’s been a few I have been really keen on but sadly they have gone way over asking price and I haven’t been successful with my offers. Alternatively, there is so much interest there aren’t even viewings available. 
  10. Purchase a car. My car is pretty much on it’s last legs. It’s my grandmas old car that she bought in 2003, so even though it’s only done 30,000 miles, it’s getting old. At it’s last MOT, I had to pay quite a lot for it to pass overnight, but it has a lot of rust and degradation that needs to be fixed. I’ve decided it’s not worth it at the moment, especially as I only drive it to visit family. I no longer use it for work and my partner drives most of the time otherwise. I would like to get a car on NHS lease, but that would lower my mortgage availability so I have to wait until after it’s been purchased.  

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2022? Share them in the comments below and we can hold each other accountable! I would love to be able to check in with people. 

For a reminder of previous year's words, they have been:

2021: growth
2020: intention
2019: confidence 
2018: change 
2017: self-love
2016: progress 
2015: reset