Unexpected NYE, Puppy Reunions and Chasing Socks!

I had hopes to end and start the year on a high, and sadly it didn't quite go to plan. Covid-19 got in the way big time! After isolation, I headed to play with a puppy for a few days and then worked 4 days in a row. 

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We had big plans for the end of the year. I hoped the week would be better than Christmas. We started with a lovely day together and then a double date at a Chinese in the evening. The next day we had a pantomime booked, another double date and finally, a movie day and takeaway planned. I was going to be working New Year's Day and then the next day going to Luke's gran's for a lovely lunch. 

I ended up hating the end of the year. I spent the last two days, home alone, awaiting a PCR test. I sat in my lounge, celebrating sadly in pyjamas. It’s definitely no fun spending three days (and counting) isolating, feeling sick and sorry for myself. I was full of cold, with a sore throat, pounding headache and felt utterly exhausted. I'm sharing my full "negative Covid-19" story story but despite my partner and his family testing positive, all my lateral flow tests were repeatedly negative, as well as two PCRs. 

Of course, with Luke gone, I had to sadly fend for myself. I had just got a Gousto subscription box in for us and as much as I wanted to wait for him, the fresh food was all going to waste. I hate cooking, I just don't enjoy it, but lucky all the meals were enjoyable and surprisingly edible. I was actually quite proud of myself. 

On day 6, I ended up going out for the first time (except for a PCR) and I went to view a house that Luke and I were very much interested in. I thought I would walk in and love it straight away, but I sadly didn't get that feeling. I still liked it but I think I was expecting something more, and I was quite off put by the estate agent, who was not happy with me taking photos, let alone videos. In the end, I just snapped a few of the storage options available, to send to Luke. 

With a little more energy, I undecorated for Christmas. It actually felt quite nice to have the house back to it's basic state, after Halloween, birthdays and Christmas. I also finally deep cleaned the house, starting with the kitchen and lounge. I was going to do upstairs straight after but my wrist was really strained so I took a little break. 

The next day, I headed to Wakefield to see family. It was nice to finally have contact with people and it was lovely to see them again. The dog brought so much joy to my life and we ended up being reunited with one of his puppy brothers! Also, two of the other dogs are pregnant so it looks like mum will be getting a little girl in May of next year. 

In the evening, we chilled and watched a film, before jumping in the hot tub and on night two, we went out for a meal at a local Italian. Before I left to come back to Nottingham, we took Floki on another walk and he was so cute. It was very muddy and cold, but he saw lots of big dogs. He started off a little nervous and scared, but slowly got used to them over the walk. Hopefully he'll get braver with age. When we got back, he was knackered and slept for over 3 years. 

When I got home, I worked 4 shifts in a row, two long days and two night shifts. It was actually really nice to be back at work, see colleagues and look after some women consistently. I even co-ordinated my first shift and it went super smoothly and was really enjoyable.