2021 Reflections

I think everyone came into 2021 hoping it would be better but yet also minimising expectations to avoid disappointment. I barely knew anyone who had Covid-19 prior to December 2021 and then everyone I knew seem to get it. Today, I want to look back on the year and reflect on how I did with my resolutions. I'll be honest, with everything going on, I haven't looked at them since writing them. I would normally try to reground myself and make a plan to achieve them a couple of times throughout the year but sadly not this time. 


This year I really wanted to be more sustainable. I feel like I did well achieving this goal and I am really happy with the positive changes I have made. I've supported lots of small businesses, including switching regular products to eco-friendly versions for shaving, cleaning and washing for example. Small changes even like recycled wrapping paper or using silicon moulds are great alternatives. I also continue to make little changes to limit waste. I very rarely throw more than one bag of rubbish away every 2 weeks. I know this could be better but usually, this is food waste. That'll be a goal for the next year! 

I think it's safe to say that with restrictions still going strong, I have defintely made the most of exploring the UK. I personally class UK adventures as "trips" rather than "holidays" which as a whole argument in itself and of course, I'll always pick abroad but nevertheless, I still somewhat enjoyed the experiences and it was all about the memories: WalesLake DistrictEdinburghLondon. I cannot wait to go abroad soon though and have a week relaxing round a pool! 

Again, still couldn't see family as much as I would have wanted but I tried to see them as much as possible. I went to mum's at least every other month, had a few weeks with my dad and got to see my oldest sister a handful of times too. I only saw my middle sister once again but fingers crossed we see each other again soon. I did however use all my grouped days off to travel, and I loved it. 

Hannah Elizabeth, the blog has gone from strength to strength. I have loved writing and continuing to do something I'm passionate about. I actually find it destressing to be able to write my thoughts down and reflect on experiences. I've also been lucky enough to work with some incredible businesses and brands. 

Half Way There

I feel the first half of the year went really well for meal prepping and planning. I would sit down with my partner and decide on the meals for the week's ahead. It also helped having Hello Fresh and Gousto meal subscription boxes. However, with travelling and changes in to jobs in the last two months, that's gone completely out of the window. I feel like I haven't had a proper meal in weeks and can't wait to get back into it. 

Similarly, I did start to have more plants in the house. At one point I had 3 succulents and flowers. I love having fresh flowers in the house but it isn't the most economical. I also accidently killed a plant and left another at my dad's house. I'm currently down to one but hopefully I'll get more again soon! 

Completing my preceptorship was always a tall ask and I am pleased to say I am not too far away. I think I will have it in the next few months so fingers crossed. It will make it so worth it when I get the next pay rise, however with the increase, I have already got a significant one since starting. 

Amazingly, I haven't had a single migraine that has prevented me from working this year. I think I may have had a couple of minor ones but they have tended to fall on days off so it's been nice to have chance to recover. I still wish I'd been better at switching off so I have a few plans to make that a reality in 2022. 


Let's talk about exercise... I have officially done zero. I feel awful, I feel fat and I feel unhealthy. I have barely done walks this year, let alone a workout. It was something I was really interested in so this year it's going to be a focus. I want to feel good about my body again, and at the moment I simply don't. 

Another one that I completely failed on was reading an educational book every other month. I think I read two self-help books and that was pretty much it. I didn't even read many normal fictional books so I feel I majorly failed. We did however listen to a few audiobooks as a couple so that is one way to bump the book numbers up. 


Looking back, I didn't actually do too badly with my resolutions. There were some I was very successful with somewhat unknowingly, and others that even though I didn't achieve in full, I've made positive steps to reach them in the not so distant future. The two that I very much did not achieved were exercise and reading. I will be making sure to think more proactively about these going forward. 

How did your new year resolutions go for last year? I would give myself a 7/10!