Blackpool Pier, Hadrian's Wall and Carlisle City!

With no holiday for the past two years, Luke and I booked a little Staycation! Here's part 1 of the trip. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below.

The sun was shining on our drive down to Garthside Farm. We stopped off at Blackpool first to enjoy the beach, but sadly the tide was way in so instead we paddled on the steps. It was my first time there and if I'm honest, it was much nicer than I expected. 

We then drove to the Lake District. We walked to Aira Fall Waterfall, which again was a little disappointing. It's suppose to be the nicest in the area but with the dry weather and lack of rain it was a little dry. Also, there had been some damage to the walkway recently so we couldn't actually walk very far or close to it. We got to view it from a little platform but once the new work has been completed, I can imagine it really will be gorgeous. The walk was just before stopping for a late lunch on an almost private beach at Ullswater Lake. A little duck friend did join us and refuse to leave until the very end but it was very peaceful nevertheless. 

Finally, we made it to our accommodation. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect location for our little staycation. The wildflower garden surrounding the glamping lodge is gorgeous, the pod is complete with literally everything you could possibly need and the wood fired hot tub just makes it even more special. I will share a full review of the accommodation soon!

Once we checked in, unloaded the car and unpacked, we headed to the supermarket to load up on supplies for food. Luke had pretty much decided he wanted to save money by having a picnic for lunch each day, and then we planned to barbeque on an evening. We settled down with bbq chicken and fancy bread for a meal and then to end, we had a perfect night at the glamping lodge, under the stars.

Our second day was a busy one. We went to Hadrian’s Wall and walked a small section, up from Birdoswald Roman Fort to Harrow’s Scar (Milecastle 49). 

Then we drove down to Pike Hill Signal Tower and Banks East. 
We decided to head to Carlisle, but stopped off at Lanercost first to see the Priory. All beautiful in their own way. 

Carlisle was much nicer than I expected. We had a lovely lunch in the park and the weather held off. Then we went to the castle, the cathedral and the church before stopping for cake at Costa. 

Once again, we headed back for a barbeque at the lodge, then enjoyed another hot tub night.