Scrawlr Box (Review)

Here's another subscription box, this time for budding artists. ScrawlrBox is a monthly subscription services, that provides subscribers with a monthly box of mystery art supplies. It inspires artists of all abilities each month, with a new selection of creative tools. Everything that you need is included and you can start straight away, for just £16.95 per month, although if you use my code, you can get £3 off.

If you like what you receive, you will continue to be billed monthly and receive a box every month with new selection of art supplies. If you decide you no longer want to use the service you can cancel your subscription at any time (no contracts, no fees) and you will no longer be sent the box.

Like with many companies now, whenever any ScrawlrBox is purchased through our store, subscription or previous, they donate to Trees For The Future to allow them to plant a tree in one of their many forest garden projects. This also helps families by providing them with the ability to transition from damaging farming techniques to a Forest Garden system that sustains and empowers them.

My first box allowed me to select the theme. It arrived quickly and securely, neatly wrapped in a little parcel and it fit easily through my door letterbox.

Inside was a range of items, with the first being the information booklets. These explained what the theme of the box was and an example of the art work that could be created. I actually love the little postcard style version and plan to reuse it in my bedroom. 
The booklet featured information about ScawlrBox, as well as the artists inspiring the box and top tips to create the perfect art, almost like an online virtual class. 
The products included were incredibly high quality and made me feel like a proper artist. Even though there is only a small selection, it's defintely enough to keep you busy for a while and I actually think it's the perfect amount, with plentiful opportunity to try and give the technique and art area a go. In every box, there is a bookmark for information, a sticker and a sweet. This box was a watercolour technique one. I had some thick blotting paper, a beautiful paint set and a charcoal smudging pencil. They all screamed luxury. 

Overall, this box is perfect for art lovers who are both beginners and experienced. I think it's a great way to sample a new type of art and the supplies are of such high quality, they really are a pleasure to use. Don't forget, if you want to get your own subscription or one off box, you can get it for £3 off here.