August Round Up!

What a month August has been! It's been so busy but also so perfect. I'm sharing a little late this month because I took a much needed break last week. 

Book: I actually finally started reading again. I now...shock! I'm currently reading three books which is very unlike me, but the main one is "This is Me" by Mrs Hinch. I've loved following her for the last two years on social media, and this little extra detail makes me love her even more. 

Film: As you probably know, I've watch a tonne of Disney films this month. I loved both Raya and the Last Dragon and Luca. I have a real soft spot for Disney movies and to me, they're perfect for the whole family. 

TV Show: Virgin River has stolen my heart as the third season was released. I binged it in 24 hours and the entire season was up and down cliff-hangers throughout. I can't wait for the next! I also watched the first season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and it is amazing!

PodcastBloggerYouTuber: I all honesty, I've been so busy this month, I haven't had time to listen, read or watch much at all. I haven't got any standout individuals, I'm barely keeping on top of my subscriptions! 

Personal Blog Post: This might be a strange one for most, but I actually really liked reviewing and writing my Blue Coffee Box review post. 

Personal Vlog: Given how busy I've been, I haven't posted too many vlogs this month. My favourite is actually the Great Yorkshire Show. It was so much fun, and lovely to have some downtime at home because the busy work schedule started. 

Personal Memory: One air balloon! 

Summary: This month I've worked a lot but I've also had so much fun. I graduated this month which feels so good to say, plus I got to see so much family. I went to mother's for a weekend where we had a lovely family barbeque, followed by a weekend in Wales with my dad and sister. 

Inspiring: I can safely say I've been inspired to have a hot air balloon trip! I'm terrified of heights but I want to go so badly! 

Frightening: I had my first pregnancy scare this month. It was a bit of a difficult time and I don't think I've quite ready to talk about it yet but don't worry, no baby expected just yet. 

Next Month: I have a week of annual leave coming up which I am actually quite excited about. I'm hoping I'll actually be able to switch off for a little while, but I think that's only going to happen if I book somewhere away to distract myself. I actually don't have any plans! We will see what comes up. 

What have you been up to this month? Did you watch the Olympics? I was so sad that I missed most of it, but I did catch up with a little and had some early mornings to catch the cycling and diving competitions before work.