Yorkshire Show, Bottomless Brunch and Paddling Pools!

I travelled back to Wakefield to spent the hot heatwave weekend with family, before working a 49.5 hour plus week at work! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After a late finish at work, as has become the new normal, I headed back to the house with a McDonald's in tow because I was a little frustrated. I decided to wait to head back to my mum's until the traffic had gone and so set off at half 7 instead. Sadly, there were so many roadworks and the motorway ended up closing completely so it took over 2 hours to get back sadly. Nevertheless, I made it back, unpacked and head straight to sleep. 

The next morning, we headed off bright and early to the Great Yorkshire Show. The Great Yorkshire Show is a family tradition for my family, and I was so gutted that last year's event had to be cancelled. This year, it was almost called off again but thankfully, it went ahead and I managed to get the day off work to attend! It was such a lovely day, with beautiful weather and some great deals. I ended up buying quite a few little bits, so see the haul here. Plus, I also got a little sunburnt on my back from when I put my hair up!

The next day, we were suppose to be going out for a bottomless brunch with family. Frustratingly, the restaurant double booked. Apparently, quite a few are doing the same thing due to Covid and isolation, however I was not happy. Nevertheless, we ended up having my cousin and her boyfriend offer to the house instead. It was lovely to see them and meet him, before playing Number Kub again...out new game addiction. 

Afterwards, I set up the paddling pool and spent the majority of the afternoon sunbathing or reading in the pool It was absolutely lovely and so peaceful, until we had a family barbeque in the evening. The next day was pretty much spent doing the same thing, but with a British Grand Prix thrown in the middle of the day as I took a break from the heat! 

It was a lovely weekend with the summer heatwave, but then it was back to work for me. Sadly, it's a long week with a long 12.5 hour shift, plus a normal working week, meaning I'm working all weekend. Let's just say, I'm not entirely looking forward to working the whole week with this heatwave weather especially!