How to Sleep in a Heatwave!

The usual British weather is traditionally wet and miserable, but over the past few weeks, we've had some record high temperatures. Whilst a lot of people have been complaining, I've personally loved the warmer weather. I love being able to come home from work and sit in the garden, or have the doors open whilst watching television and have the fresh air coming in. 
There has been a little break but the met office now predicts a two week heatwave for the majority of the United Kingdom. I must admit I would much prefer to have some annual leave while the weather is nice, but sadly I couldn't get any approved this year, so instead, I'll be making the most of the evenings again. Like many, when the weather is hot, it tends to be my sleep that is impacted the most. England just isn't really cut out for the warmth; our buildings tend to be built to keep heat in! Today, I thought I'd share some top tips on how to improve you sleep in a heatwave. 

Start with the basics and make sure you stay hydrated. Often we wake up at night because we are dehydrated and dry. Try to have a cold glass of water before going to sleep and then keep a glass on your bedside table for quick access over night. 

If you're anything like me, you'll struggle to sleep without a blanket on (stay tuned for a post on my irrational fears soon!). What many don't realise is that sheets are made for different seasons. Make sure you are using a summer duvet cover, and not a thick winter cotton set. I was recently also gifted a couple Luxear Arc-chill cooling pillowcases, which are also a great solution. I have been loving them! It's made of cooling fibres to absorb and dissipate heat, to improve sleep quality and ensure optimal sleeping temperature. I love the fact that it is double sided, with a silky, cool side for summer and a cotton side for the cooler months. The silky side has all the added benefits of silk pillowcases, which I've discussed before, but it also means that the pillow doesn't slip around inside, whilst sleeping. I also love the zipper design. I bought a duvet set like this a couple years ago and I actually think it's so much better that the open design, as it protects the pillows better. Overall, I've really loved using it the past couple of weeks, and I think I will defintely be investing in a couple more. They have offered 20% to my followers, with code HBYXT9NR, until the end of September so be sure to purchase your own. 

Despite not having air conditioning, we can buy the next best thing with a cheap desk or pedastal fan. I've bought a couple from Argos over the years, but Amazon also sells affordable versions, albeit, when I last looked there was a bit of a wait for them. Evidence also shows - if you can cope with the noise of a fan overnight - that it encourages the evaporation of sweat and makes it easier for your body to regulate your internal temperature.

Even without a fan, you still take small steps to keep the bedroom cooler. Firstly, avoid opening the curtains or blinds during the day, as this actually causes the room to heat up. If you can, also try opening the windows at night to let in the cool air. 

I've personally started washing my hair later at night and having a cool shower instead. The wet hair then keeps me cooler throughout the night, but for the boys or shorter haired individuals, try getting a water spray bottle or face mist to stay cool prior to sleeping. 

Do you have any top tips to help improve sleep quality whilst the weather is hot? I've had a couple of rough nights, but to be honest, for the majority, I sleep straight through. The heat knocks me out!