Disney Animated Films so far this Decade

My boyfriend’s family has recently got Disney Plus so of course I’ve been taking full advantage. I’ve been wanting to watch a number of Disney film and shows for a while, but waiting until I go to my sister’s to watch with the kids. Well, with it now available at my house, I’ve managed to watch some at my own house which has been lovely! 

I thought today, I’d share a mini review of the four animated Disney films that have been released so far this decade. Spoiler: I love them! I'm a bit of a fan of animated Disney films, even those not about princess'.  


Released in March 2020, Onward was the first animated film released by Disney this decade. It shares the story of a once magical world, that technology has now taken over, following the journey of Ian as he becomes an adult and adventures with his brother to resurrect his late father. 

I thought this film was so cute. I really liked the concept introduced at the beginning of the film; it really got me thinking about our own world. It's funny, heart-warming and I love that it reunites two distanced brothers. 


A jazz musician, frustrated with his work, sadly ends up in the Great Before, tasked with helping an infant soul in order to return to reality.

This was the last of the films I watched of the four and it was the one I liked the least. It's still an interesting story but I just found it a little boring and lacklustre. I feel like some of the scenes could have been removed without affecting the story, and as much as I wanted to love it because of course it's the first animated film with a coloured lead, I think this became too big of a focus. 

Raya and the Last Dragon 

Raya is one of the few survivors of a fragmented world. Despite once co-habiting happily, clans split apart after an evil creature turns living beings to stone. In an attempt to save her people and father, Raya sets out to track down Sisu, a dragon, who once transferred all her powers into a magical gem to save humans. 

This film has a soft comparison to Onward, in the sense the magical realm unites characters in a quest to reunite a child with their father. I would say I prefer this film though because I love that the lead is a powerful woman. I also love the story of the dragons and for me, it's the closing scenes that made the film so special and creative. 


Set in an Italian Riviera, Luca lives under the water as a sea monster, but following a new-found friend, he realises that he too can hide amongst the humans on land. 

I was very confused and frustrated when I first watched this film because for some reason, it originally came on Italian. I was sure it was in English so when I eventually realised and switched over, I had to watch the first 5 minutes again. I think this is a very sweet coming-of-age story with a difference. As with all teenagers, they disagree with their parents and have to make their own paths, but this see Luca in a whole new world. He learns, explores and grows. It also shares a story about differences and I think it has a really important and crucial message. Even though we don't have sea monsters, we do have people who look different and with disabilities; this teaches us to learn to accept and love those with differences, not to exclude them. It really is a lovely story. 

I’ve also already watched Monsters at Work which was so much fun, although sadly only 5 episodes long. Of course there is so much I still want to watch. In terms of television shows Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Loki are high on my list. Plus, there are so many great films out at the moment: Cruella, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise. I’m not sure if I want to go to the cinema or just pay for them so we shall see. 

Have you watched any of these? What are your thought? Which one are you most looking forward to if not?