5 Semi-Irrational Fears I Shouldn’t Have

I'm actually really enjoying writing these slightly more personal posts again recently. I went through a bit of a phase of loosing my passion for these, but it's back with a vengeance and I have lots of titles saved in my drafts folder, ready to be completed. I thought I'd start with 5 irrational fear I defintely have but defintely shouldn't, starting with the strangest! 

1. Insects entering my body through crevices 

I genuinely didn't think this one was strange. I thought multiple people would have it and then after mentioning it to a few people, I realised they didn't! Let me explain... At night, I'm really worried about little animals or creepy crawlies crawling into my body holes e.g. ears, eyes, belly button etc. I always make sure to have my top covering my belly button and that the duvet circles over my ears, nose and mouth! I think it stems from when I was little and read an article saying that an average person swallows x number of spiders whilst they're asleep. 

2. Not being able to have kids 

This to be honest, is my biggest fear. I have always dreamed of being a mother and so being infertile is something I worry about a lot. I know a lot of people go through it, but I think it would break me. Infertility isn't hugely uncommon, but no one in my immediate family has ever had any issues. In fact, most of my family have got pregnant really quickly and haven't tried for long. So hopefully, there won't be any issues! 

3. Not getting a job

Perhaps this one is fairly normal but given my academic record, experiences and grades, I had a very good application. I ended up getting both job offers that I applied for and got really great feedback from the application process. I think I also had the same feelings when I was applying to university the first time around, but that was a longgggg time ago now. Nearly 10 years!

4. Birds flying 

This one again is somewhat unusual but let me explain. I don't love the flapping of wings and the sudden movement birds can do, but it's actually a fear of the fact that they can poo on you. I've never been pooed on before, except on a waterproof, but I've come very close with it once landing just in front of me, and twice being next to someone who has had it land on their face: my sister and cousin. It's just uncontrollable and I hate it! 

5. Getting a cannula

Finally, this one is probably the most random. Growing up I was terrified of injections and needles. Since having my HPV vaccine at school and lots of blood tests for roaccutane, I somewhat got over that, but the thought of something staying in my arm for a period of time is not exciting. I see women get these almost every day in the hospital, so it's really making me nervous for childbirth! 

Of course, I also have other fears: spiders, heights, rollercoasters, sharks and more! What fears do you have? Are any of them irrational? Where any of these unexpected?