Blue Coffee Box (Subscription Box Review)

From keeping cool to something warm, today's post is all about Blue Coffee BoxBlue Coffee Box. As the name suggests, this is a coffee subscription box with a difference, including handpicked gourmet coffee from 22 countries, delivered in a sleek, letterbox-friendly EcoBox. 

They're value revolve around the acronym blue: best, luxury, unique and ethical. They select speciality coffee, lovingly roasted in the UK. Every box is top quality curated for your personal tastes and preferences and delivered fresh to your door. Variants come from all over the world, introducing blends you wouldn't find in a supermarket. Plus, they support sustainable farming as they dealing direct with farmers and co-operatives for the improved future of families and producers. This ensures farmers earn more money from their sales than if it was through a larger corporate company, so they can enjoy a better quality of life. On average, the farmers here earn 30% more than the Fairtrade price.

My box was gifted from the company in exchange from the review and we got whole beans in both of our bags, however, you can choose whether you want whole beans delivered for a fresher taste, or if you want it pre-ground. Top tip: make sure to grind it up extra fine to ensure it doesn't take bitter. 

I love the simplicity of the box and that the sleek design means that it fits perfectly through a letterbox. I loved coming home to my order, and there is nothing breakable in the box. In fact, it's got really high quality and secure packaging. It was also delivered really quickly, in a couple of days, but the company does say that international deliveries take 5-10 working days. 

In the package comes a thank you card with some information in regards to the company, alongside an information leaflet on each coffee in the box. On the front it shows the where the coffee is from, with an image of the local area and perhaps some of the farms involved. On the reverse side, it provides some geographical information and then shares a little background of the farmer again. I absolutely love this personal touch and that the cards are colour coded to match the bags for ease. 
They have two different subscriptions available, with one being a bag and one being a box. The latter contains two different bags and all of the bags are 227g in size, with free UK delivery. From there, you can select your preference in terms of taste: 
  • Light Roast: light colour with no oil, more flavour and more caffeine
  • Medium Roast: medium colour with light oils and smooth flavour
  • Dark Roast: deep brown with more oil and stronger roast flavour
  • Surprise Me

The two coffee varieties provided were very distinct in character and flavour. We got Hacienda Sonora from Costa Rica and Pedro Aescio from Brazil and Costa Rica. Both coffee beans supplied were fresh and slightly oily.

The Hacienda Sonora variety is produced using the yellow honey process. This process involves leaving a small proportion of mucilage (fruit pulp) attached to the bean which is allowed to ferment for a few days prior to drying. This provides the coffee with a very distinct sweet taste; reasonably light roast with a high acidity and a sweet, sharp, slightly salty, fruity flavour and aroma. 

The Pedro Aescio variety is produced using the pulped natural process. This process involves removing the coffee cherry skin, leaving almost all of the mucilage on the bean throughout the drying process. This coffee is a medium roast with less sweet aroma. This coffee has a has a sweet, sharp slightly nutty flavour. 

If you've read some of my posts before, you'll know that I have a huge focus on sustainability, limiting waste and improving the environment. I love that this is also a focus of the company. All their packaging is 100% compostable or recyclable, and plastic free. One of the downsides of many quality coffee brands and machines is that they use plastic pods and they are such a waste. The coffee bags themselves are said to break down within 3 months. 

Overall, despite not loving coffee myself, guests and my partner have both found these two varieties to be unique and strong. Out of the two varieties, the Pedro Aescio variety is more preferred and has a more pleasant flavour. However, taste is subjective. You can smell coffee through the entire house, even just on opening the packaging. The unique flavourings are exciting and it's nice to try something new. I love the box design, the subscription and the companies ethical stance. It's great to be able to support a small business, who also supports others. 

If you're a coffee lover and wanting to try something new, or want to get a gift for someone you know, this is defintely a great choice! They've given me a code to share, so you can get £3 off your first order of anything with HS3. Stay tuned because I will also be sharing a giveaway very soon!

Ps. Here's a little video of the process involved.