Papergang: Stationary Subscription Box (Review)

Papergrang is a monthly stationary subscription box that fits perfectly through your letterbox. Each month they collaborate with an artist, creating exclusive stationery for subscribers to be delivered straight to the door. Every box contains at least £20 worth or product, with 4 or more exclusively designed pieces of stationery. 

The company also collaborates with charities each year. These have historically included: Marine Conservation Society, Arthouse, Butterfly Convervation, Bee Conservation Society, ME Society, Switchboard LGBT+, Blurt Foundation, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. As you know, I love supporting charities and smaller business', but also companies that have sustainability at their core. Papergang plant a tree for every 4 boxes sold; so far over 40,000! For a stationary company, I think that's so important and crucial. 

You're first month, you can actually pick which box you want from previous past boxes, as well as the current month which would be more of a surprise. I went for "Chaos is a Friend of Mine", which further donated profits to a charity for acting called Acting for Others. It was one of the brighter, bolder boxes, designed by artist Jamie Mitchell.

In the box, it included: 
  • A5 Letter Set - 32 sheets in 4 different colours printed on sustainably sourced paper.
    Personally, this is one of the main reasons I went for this box, because I loved that I would then have a lettering set to write on in the future. The prints are varied and lovely, however they are quite bold, making it quite hard to read writing legibly, so it would have to be a dark, thick pen when writing. 

  • A5 Metal Stencil.
    I like this for keeping my writing lines and adding little details. I didn't think I would overly use this but I have found myself doing it on notes when doodling. 

  • Sticky Notes - 60 Sheets with 4 designs printed on sustainably sourced paper.
    No one can ever have too many post-it notes and I love the size of these ones! You can write quite detailed notes and memos which has been perfect for work recently. Unlike the paper, the middle section has been made more transparent, which is much more functional!

  • 2 x Rainbow Gel Pens.
    This is a fun addition, and I've used it for writing to younger people in my family and also personal notes. As previously mentioned, it's a little light for writing on the letter paper but otherwise lovely!

  • Washi Tape - 10 meters.
    A bit of a random one for me, but I do think this is really fun to add to letter, especially to make it more interesting. I know a lot of people use thin patterned tape like this for bullet/traditional journaling. 

Overall, the entire box is varied, beautiful and very bold. It's nice to have a bit of a different set of stationary. I also like that it's functional and versatile going forward. Here's to writing more letters! 

If you love stationary, Papergang is the subscription box for you. Get a £4 discount on your first order here!