From Graduant to Graduate!

Unlike most people who have to wait mere weeks from their last exams, to finishing their degrees, and becoming graduates, once again the downside of being a January cohort becomes apparent. 

I actually finished my Midwifery degree in December, well before Christmas. Then it took just over a month to get the qualification sent to the NMC by the university, and then just a few hours to be approved and to be made a registered midwife. Since December I have been a "graduand", which is a student who has completed the requirements for, but has not yet been awarded, a particular degree. Despite all that, as of last week, I am officially a graduate...only 8 months late! 

I requested the day of work months ago, so I could celebrate but after hearing nothing from university and then being told it was just going to be a series of tweets, I ended up switching my days off because I forgot to block my clinic and unfortunately we had no cover. Just a few days before the day, one of the girls in the cohort graciously decided to host a last minute party. It did start at 2pm, but I got there just after 5pm after finishing work and driving over.

She set the place up so lovely. Her house and garden are both gorgeous. She created two banners, with a photo wall along one side of the garage. She also got her kids to make little cardboard caps and one of the other people in the cohort borrowed some robes from their church for the capes. 

She had plenty of snacks, nibbles and went all out making a trio of desserts, but the pièce de résistance was the pizza oven. She has one in her garden and made homemade dough, tomato sauce and then we got to pick the toppings to create our own individual ones. I did miss out on the garlic bread which I was a little gutted about, but the pizza was amazing. Then to finish, she made some large sharing dessert pizzas with biscoff spread and biscuits, nutella and marshmellows and another I didn't try. I've never had a dessert pizza before, but the biscoff one was truly mouthwatering delicious. 

The caps and gowns were so perfect. They weren't the most ideal thing, but they worked out great and the pictures made it look real. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to celebrate together even though university didn't organise a single thing. It felt like such a shame because we really did go through so much to be here, and every other university has done graduation almost as normal, especially as restrictions have now stopped entirely nationally. 

Despite the circumstances, the graduation party was a huge success. It was so lovely to see so many people from our cohort and I am so thankful to Rachel for organising and throwing such an incredible last minute party. Until next year...graduation is over!